This week has been MUCH better

Not nearly as angry any more.

Thank you, Congress and President Obama, for passing and signing the repeal of DADT.

Thank you, Senate, for ratifying the New START treaty.

Thank you, Senate, for giving 9/11 first responders money for health care.Here are some links to things I’ve been reading:

Amanda Hess writes about Bob Marshall’s reaction to the repeal of DADT

My own Stevens Miller takes a different slant on it

And one of the comments on one of the posts about DADT over on Shakesville really stood out for me.

Finally, a video of a song by Tom Lehrer. It’s not really apropos, but it’s about the military and the bomb, so here goes:

I wish DOMA had been repealed, too. I wish we had a single-payer health care system. I wish women’s health were not constantly used as a bargaining chip. But today, I’m happy with what we got this week.