Rise up, “Ashdowne”

Ok, BoS. You’ve had your fun. Supervisor Waters, you managed to come up with the worst district name ever, a brilliant parody of someone’s perception of someone else’s stereotype of the idea of suburban hell memorialized in so many adolescence-themed television shows. It’s hilarious, and I mean that truly. The rest of you guys who went along with the joke: Epic. Really good stuff.

Now that you’ve all made your points, whatever they were, let’s allow the residents of what we all know everyone under a certain age, and many of the rest of us, will refer to as “Assclowne” to have their dignity back, ok?

3 thoughts on “Rise up, “Ashdowne”

  1. The Shadow (redux)

    Epic Fail. At least Water’s attempted to show how asinine this redistricting plan is. I hope that this plan is flagged by DOJ for the blatant gerrymandering.

  2. Lloyd the Idiot

    I can totally agree that the names are ridiculous. Not real fond of what they ought to be given the geography – like Goose Creek. But there has to be something better. How about just “Belmont?”

  3. Elder Berry

    It always felt with the cookie cutter subdivisions as if the suburban area could just all be put in a blender and what would be poured out after would be not much different than what went in, but the BOS has now gone and made that official with this mashup naming thing, on one district at least.

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