In honor of the day

Christine Lavin’s song about a different royal wedding.

I never really knew him
But I was hoping that we might meet
I knew I’d find him very witty
I hoped he’d find me sweet
But somebody beat me to him
Ruined all of my plans
Some little conniving wench
Went and stole my man
Oh Charles, Prince Charles
Can’t you hear my heart break?
Can’t you hear me telling you
Marrying her is a big mistake
Oh Charles, my Charles, when you proposed, she was just nineteen
Don’t you think that’s a little young to be making her England’s future queen.
Oh, yes, I know she’s pretty.
Yes, I know she’s rich.
But I read in the National Enquirer
Lady Diana is a ….
Which I was very shocked to read
But, hey, it must be true.
‘Cause I haven’t heard anything on 60 Minutes
About her wanting to sail with you
Oh Charles, Prince Charles Please don’t make such a bad mistake
In bosoms of girls all over the world
Hearts keep going break break break
Oh Charles, my Charles
She isn’t even 24 years old yet
Think of all the women in the world
That you still haven’t met.
Maybe you got panicky, thinking you were losing you looks.
Confidentially, Chuck, you’ve got no looks to lose.
Maybe you are the kind of cad
Who likes to drive women mad
Knowing now we all have the
“I’m never gonna get to be the future queen of England blues”
Oh Charles, my Charles
Do you have a last name?
I was going to ask that on our first date
Forget it, things have changed
Charles, my Charles
Any girl looks good when she’s nineteen
But think about her thirty years from now
When she’s an old and ugly queen
Take a look at your mother, boy
And you’ll know what I mean.