A Sign of Desperation!

The election is coming up and candidate signs are everywhere. There are signs for Senate, Delegate,  Supervisor,School Board, Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney. There are big signs, little signs, yellow signs, green signs,blue signs,red signs,etc. Let’s face it, signs are all over the place..on the side of the road,in the median of major roads and in front yards.

Signs are just a normal part of campaigning. I believe everyone has a right to place a sign where it is legal to do so or to hand a sign over to a supporter so he or she may place  it in their front yard. I admit, sometimes I like to see signs because they show  support. But lately I  noticed  the  Re-Elect Kelly Burk for Supervisor signs are gone. There was one at the corner of Edwards Ferry & Heritage….gone! Another one placed in the Virginia Village shopping plaza where the Farmer’s Market takes place…gone.! I saw her signs there yesterday and today, gone! Her signs disappear  almost overnight in fact.  Who removed them?? and where did they go??

I am very disappointed to see  that  signs are being stolen from their specified location. This  kind of behavior  of  political sign stealing  isn’t funny, in fact, it’s downright pathetic. This person,most likely a Republican, thinks it’s ok to remove candidate signs.  This strikes me as  desperate and reeks of fowl play!!

I would also like to point out … I have  noticed the misplacement of political signs along Loudoun County roads. Some signs are placed too close to the street. Isn’t there an ordinance in Loudoun  about that? Oh that’s right, there is.  Here is the article  in Leesburg Patch to prove it: http://leesburg.patch.com/articles/illegal-election-signs-unbalance-the-playing-field

Believe me, if you are running for office and want to be seen as a leader then sign stealing isn’t leadership! Stealing suggests a cry for help! Whoever you are, GROW UP!  Know this… a  SIGN of  true  leadership means you stand above the game playing and prove your worth by being honest and  fair!!!