5 thoughts on “Metro is coming to Loudoun

  1. Grant

    Very glad to see public transpo expanding to the region. My concern is that we’re still going to be facing significant transportation issues between now and the build out of the additional infrastructure required for the metro. Would definitely like to see more support for people biking or, where cycling isn’t a realistic option, more carpooling resources. There is at least one website helping folks in the region find more rideshare partners, but I’d also like to see more support for HOV lanes to encourage the practice.

  2. Elder Berry

    Stevens, in Loudoun the residential ALWAYS gets built before the commercial. ALWAYS. Been there done that got the T shirt.

  3. Stevens Miller

    EB, not everything the Chamber wants is evil, and not every tax is a bad investment.

    This is a perfect example of why nonsense like the Norquist pledge is a plan for bad government: when a tax today leads to a break tomorrow, it’s worth considering. Every last candidate for office in our region says the way they’ll lower residential taxes is by increasing the commercial base. Here we have the business community lining up to be part of that increase. If anyone is loving taxes here, it’s the Chamber, because they are the ones who’ll pay them.

    This is a great milestone for all of Loudoun, including its residents, its businesses, and its visitors.

  4. Elder Berry

    Meh. Seems like the Chamber of Commerce spoke and they turned on a dime. The CofC can make even these guys love a tax.

  5. Stevens Miller

    Thank you Scott for never giving up, and thank you Ken for thinking it through and saving the county.

    Because of this, we can look forward to sharing in the economic growth of the new airtropolis region. (To say nothing of finally having a rebuttal when Richmond says we never want to pay our own share for local transportation solutions.)

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