Tag Greason: Palling around with liars

Tag Greason and other legislators with anti-gay liar Bishop E.W. Jackson

Tag Greason assured me that he wasn’t anti-gay when I first met him at school board candidate debate in 2007. But political pressures are what they are, and now he’s palling around with certified anti-gay liar Bishop E.W. Jackson. Here’s a photo op with Greason and Jackson at a Virginia Family Foundation event in Richmond. The original photo can be found here. The comment on the flickr photo steam says:

Great photo of Bishop EW Jackson, Delegates Massie and Robinson, and Sen Obenshain! Delegate Greason usually has a perpetual smile as his colleague to his right so elegantly displays 🙂

Maybe Jackson can provide his friends with instruction on how to deal with inconvenient facts, such as Greason’s vote in favor of mandatory vaginal ultrasound probes: Just lie and hope that no one checks. Here he is lying to the public via WUSA’s Derek McGinty:

McGinty: Did you say that gay people live a sick lifestyle, they’re sick people?

Jackson: Never said that. What I’ve said is I think that the movement, the effort to change the culture is an effort to pervert things. But look, here’s the thing. I said that in the context of ministry.

And here’s what Jackson said to his actual constituents, the official hate group “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality”:

Their minds are perverted, they’re frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally and they see everything through the lens of homosexuality. When they talk about love they’re not talking about love, they’re talking about homosexual sex.

Lying apparently is as natural to this man as breathing. Standing next to him smiling as if he’s a remotely legitimate candidate OR pastor requires an explanation. To be fair, Greason “only” scored 88% on the 2013 Virginia Family Foundation Scorecard. He ultimately voted for Tracy Thorne-Begland’s appointment in 2013 after the embarrassing rejection in 2012. Greason did not vote on both the employment non-discrimination bill and on Planned Parenthood funding. His record is not what one would term a profile in courage. But when you choose to pal around with the likes of the Family Foundation and Jackson, you have to watch your back.