Presidential timber

hillary_clintonWhat kind of person climbs out of bed to fight to lead the country when told to stay in bed because of pneumonia?

What kind of person, still sick, wearing a bullet proof vest, in the heat of a NY day, but on a momentous public day, especially for NY, forgoes recovery, an easy excuse, because she doesn’t want to miss a ceremony, a public ritual, remembering and honoring those who died on 9-11?  It meant that much to her.

Plainly, it’s the kind of person who has given all her life and was first noticed when she spoke truth to power in a graduation address.

And she hasn’t stopped since to speak her mind and make a difference when and as she had the opportunity, and, when no one else would lead, Hillary did.

Women have always had to do more, and to do it better, to be taken seriously in this nation – even now

Wouldn’t you know in this election year there is a roar of sexism and male chauvinism tearing at Hillary Rodham Clinton at every turn, from the clothes she wears to the way she laughs, how serious she is, indeed every act or decision she’s made in her life, for fear the nation will follow electing a black man with electing a white woman, to steer the ship of state.

Like many, I felt a sense of deep concern when Hillary had to leave the NY ceremony because her recovering body wouldn’t let her stand and stay, and this was soon replaced by rage at what people said and now say, days later, about Hillary, for being human, for giving her all, to the point of exhaustion, and contracting pneumonia.

I know more than ever, given her sacrifice to lead, her warrior commitment, what a fine example she is, for every other citizen to mimic, who claims to be a patriot, that the choice is clear, favoring the only candidate who cares about everyone from kids to seniors and everyone in between.

We need a person, and Hillary is that person, who will work for us no matter our color, our nation of origin, our sexual identity or preference, even, I believe, our partisan preference.

We need a person who has cared her whole life for this nation and its promise.

We need a woman who will bring us together.

Not drive us apart. It was a former great official from Illinois who warned that a nation divided could not stand.

This year there is a pathogen loose in our politics preaching division and disunity and hate and intolerance. 

We have a life lesson before us of how Hillary works with everyone.

That was true of legislation in the Senate that she co-sponsored with Republicans who first resisted her, even said they wouldn’t work with her.

But the most magnificent example of Hillary’s desire to serve is to look at how Obama did what he said he would, build a cabinet of the best, even if they had differences in approach and policy.

He chose Hillary to be his Secretary of State.

They had fought some of the toughest campaign battles against each other. But they came together when Obama prevailed.

Hillary didn’t just accept his victory as the party nominee, she worked tirelessly for Obama’s election.

And we have now seen them publicly as partners in politics and government at the recent democratic convention leaning on each other.

Shortly after Hillary had to take her leave from the 9-11 gathering, the President gave a political stem winder for Hillary, a full throated unreserved endorsement, and I can’t not think that his presentation gained some force from watching what we all saw, that her resolved to press on touched him as well, what Hillary was prepared to do to fight and struggle to lead this nation, even at the risk of her health.

I believe the President honored not just her past service but her sacrifice in this campaign as emblematic of what she’s prepared to give this nation.

We say we Americans admire true grit, and courage, and determination. Well that’s Hillary.

That’s why she should be our next President because she’ll do what it takes to do the right thing to lead this nation.

Go Hill. All the way to the West Wing!