Mr. Trump – His Accidencey – The Republic at Risk

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms – lost to Americans?

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms – lost to Americans?

Mr. Donald Trump is obsessed with fear of immigration in a nation of immigrants.

Mr. Trump would ban the religions he finds offensive and isolate us from the world with a wall – a symbol of his contempt and hate.

Mr. Trump calls troops to our southern border – as if we are under siege from a foreign force – when the true enemy is within and spends his days in the West Wing.

Mr. Trump suffers from a too sensitive egg-shell-thin temperament, of anorexic character, that motivates his itchy thumbs to tweet lies and slander on those who would object to his incompetent and corrupt stewardship of this still young nation.

Mr. Trump rattles sabers he’d turn on Iran, even as he threatens to withdraw from the mid-East, and, as this comment is drafted, he scurries off to embarrass our nation in another meeting with a North Korean despot who ate his lunch in their last tete a tete.

Mr. Trump is an immoral man.

Nor does his party present any check or balance on his corrupt excesses.

The world sees our nation weakened by this man-child who brings discredit on us all.

On January 8, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt praised how our citizens had “forgotten points of the compass.”

Nowadays, it is our Chief Executive who has lost our way.

President Roosevelt said this nation was bound to resist “any attempt to lock us in behind an ancient Chinese wall.”

Mr. Trump is obsessively bound to build a multi-billion dollar wall to lock in our southern border and keep “those people” out.

President Roosevelt condemned “one-way international law.”

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, favors an imperial manner, and fiat, as suits his uninformed and autocratic impulses.

President Roosevelt insisted our armed forces drew their strength from the “unshakeable belief in the manner of life which they are defending.”

Mr. Trump has relentlessly run down this nation’s finest qualities and persists since his election in compromising and destroying what many at home and abroad believed was best about our nation.

Mr. Trump has contravened President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms:

First, freedom of speech.  Mr. Trump shouts down his opponents, diverts public attention from his misconduct with lies and half truths, and slanders the press – calling journalists the “enemies of the people.”

Second, freedom of worship.  Mr. Trump demonizes and slanders all Muslims as terrorists.

Third, freedom from want.  Mr. Trump cares not at all to help those who are in need.  His appearances in Puerto Rico and California are manipulations, like cotton candy, airy and meaningless.

Fourth, freedom from fear.  Mr. Trump instills fear, the wall is but one example, the nuclear threats against North Korea another, and he uses fear and lies, to advance his shameless cruelty, locking children in cages, and otherwise in a succession of abuses in word and deed.

Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo once said that the nation “should not settle for taking care of the strong and hope that economic ambition and charity will do the rest.”

In the Trump Administration, the poor and middle class are on their own.

President Roosevelt argued for “the ending of special privilege for the few” and we have instead, with Mr. Trump, a nepotic band of privilege in the West Wing and a coterie of the wealthiest in the “people’s government,” many self-dealing, mimicking their patron’s corrupt practices.

Millions now have health care who didn’t – thanks to the Obama Administration.

Mr. Trump and the Republican leadership promised to replace or amend Obamacare for the better but they couldn’t agree with what or how.

President Roosevelt said our goal is “the preservation of civil liberties for all.”

Mr. Trump is infamous for his public abuse of women and most anyone who disagrees with him.

Mr. Trump insisted that the U.S. Senate destroy what comity remained, brushing aside the rules of the Senate, so that Mr. Trump could elevate a judge to the U.S. Supreme Court who decries many liberties found and illuminated by past high court decisions.

President Roosevelt argued that, as a people, we must enjoy “the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.”

But we have Mr. Trump who knows little of the science of global warming, telling the nation that coal mines and jobs are coming back, defying the trends toward renewables, that, if continuously unchanged as American policy, almost certainly assures this nation an ever-shrinking standard of living, and, according to recent findings, environmental catastrophe.

We the people, every one of us, are the patriots that must save the nation from this accident of the electoral congress and make American great again, what it was, before Trump.