Dave LaRock’s bizarre anti-gay letter

October 4, 2011
Editor, Leesburg Today:

Mr. Malcolm Baldwin, Democratic candidate for The Board of Supervisors in the Catoctin District, considers himself to be a moderate, but is, in fact, about as far left as they come. In 2010, Mr. Baldwin wrote the following in an email to Stevens Miller:

“Dear Stevens,

This is strongly to support your proposed addition of “sexual orientation and gender identity” in the Equal Employment Opportunity Statement of the Human Resources Policy Handbook….” (Loudoun County’s)

Regards, Malcolm.”

Managing the business of Loudoun County, as supervisors do, may not involve daily moral judgments, but Supervisors do make decisions in matters that involve employment policy. Mr. Baldwin makes it clear that he would stand in support of future decisions to liberalize policies regarding “sexual orientation and gender identity” and that his support would be consistent with his other far-left opinions.

There are practical consequences attached to Mr. Baldwin’s thinking. Loudoun County is a great place to raise a family and it should stay that way. In contrast, Baldwin seems willing to see Loudoun turn into a San Francisco-like circus where anything goes.

If Loudoun wants to embrace thinking that is completely out of touch with higher moral principles, Mr. Baldwin is a perfect candidate to get the job done. But once you erase commonly-accepted boundaries that define normal behavior, we may face bizarre circumstances such as our children encountering cross-dressing county employees in public restrooms.

Loudoun will be far better off with clear thinking leaders who will be able to get it right and recognize the difference between tolerance and bad judgment.

David LaRock, Hamilton

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