Statement from Charlie King

The following statement was released by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s attorney in response to Mr. Delgaudio being stripped of his committee appointments for the 2013 Board of Supervisors term:

Under the Board’s Rules of Procedures, the Chairman recommends committee assignments subject to the Board’s approval. Chairman York recommended Supervisor Delgaudio be given no committee assignments.

It’s unfortunate Chairman York used parliamentary rules to accomplish what he knew he could not through the proper process.

If Chairman York believes Supervisor Delgaudio engaged in misconduct, as in the Whitener case many years ago, he should invoke Robert’s Rules of Order to pass a resolution, establish a committee, conduct an investigation and, if necessary, hold a hearing.

Supervisor Delgaudio is the seventh board member Chairman York has accused of misconduct. There is a pattern. What is different this time is the Chairman’s allegations may be tested in a hearing before the Board. Witnesses may be cross-examined, documents will be subpoenaed.

Supervisor Delgaudio hoped voting for the investigation would clear his name faster. He voted for the committee assignments to avoid embroiling the entire Board in another controversy.

A hearing would at least give Supervisor Delgaudio a chance to defend himself.

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