Sign This, Send That 8

As the summer goes along, there is more to do, and advocacy does not rest. Today, we should put Elizabeth Warren on the Consumer Financial Protection Board and support the DREAM Act, among other things.

  • We need Elizabeth Warren at the CFPB! – Thanks to the perseverance of our Democratic Congress, we actually got Wall Street reform this month. In that act was the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Board. Elizabeth Warren should be on it.
  • Let Students Earn Citizenship – The DREAM Act lets kids who were brought into this country without documentation by their parents earn U.S. citizenship the same way all of our forebears did. Sign the petition to get this Act passed.
  • Don’t Appeal the DOMA Decision – A court in New England took exception to the Defense of Marriage Act on equality grounds. If the Obama Administration does not appeal that decision, it will be a great step forward for marriage equality.