Protecting Children

The ROEDER FOR SUPERVISOR Campaign is pleased to announce its support for the Loudoun Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Leesburg, which services the needs of abused children throughout Loudoun County.

As someone long interested in preventng abuse, and through my own work on the Loudoun County Criminal Justice Board, I have come to know that the Loudoun CAC is a wonderful institution that receives too little attention from the public and politicians.  I call on all politicians of all political parties to step up and advocate for full funding for this program, as well as other programs that protect children, especially our schools, teachers and PTSAs.

CAC is a public/private partnership among Loudoun County agencies and organizations dedicated to child victims of abuse and/or neglect.  It supports the continued development of children in a child-centered approach when investigating cases of child abuse and neglect.  This work is critical.  Victims of child abuse feel the emotional scars the rest of their lives.

Larry Roeder, Democratic Candidate for County Supervisor, the Dulles District

“Experience Matters,”

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