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  1. Loudoun Insider

    If it’s a candidate from the stellar recruitment machine of Homebrew Moses, I’m sure the candidate will be horrible and a sure loser like the rest of them. What a complete disaster the LCDC has become. Has Josh Actor raised his filing fee yet? Is Tom Bellanca still pointing into the sky? You guys were tossed a slow hanging curveball when the LCRC elected Mark Sell and Dick Black rose from his lair again. And Team Turner whiffed in the hugest possible way. Turner and his henchmen will go down as the worst political peration ever in Loudoun County. I was actually hoping for some competition, but it sure isn’t shaping up that way.

  2. DC Beltway Bandit

    I don’t think it’s a “Union guy”, I believe it is a gal and by all accounts she is NOT well liked even within the LCDC.

    I am not a fan of Volpe’s ideology but I give her a lot of credit for her dedication and credentials. It takes a lot of political capital to have the Attorney General attend/speak at kick off event for a county position. Hats off to Volpe for this good get.

    Of all the local candidate kick-off events I can’t recall one (either D or R) that had enough “chops” to bring in the heavy weights. Although Del. Ken Plum just announced Gov Kaine will be at his July 12th event.

  3. Barbara Munsey

    Well, given “union guy”‘s post, and your clue that he is well known in LCDC circles, I’m guessing his initials may be DM?

    We’ll see! lol

  4. Liz Miller Post author

    Just got an email with a clue as to who the Dem candidate from Algonkian will be. It’s a well-known person in Dem circles, don’t know if the candidate is at all well-known outside of Dem circles in Algonkian as I don’t live there.

  5. Jingle Lover

    Hopefully the LCDC creates this candidate a Roeder like jingle to get the ball rolling. I’m sure this candidate will be top notch, like the rest of the LCDCs preferred candidates.

  6. Lloyd the Idiot

    “No challenger”

    I’ve heard the Dems plan someone. Not a stellar candidate, but someone. Frankly, the fact that there’s no declared Dem comes as a big surprise. Volpe is a polarizing figure and likely would have been at risk had there been a reasonable alternative. Looks like that won’t happen.

    Also, sometimes contributions are just to make inroads. In fact, if Suzanne is unopposed, it make sense from a lobbying standpoint to make a contribution.

  7. Barbara Munsey

    As I said, no clue, and neither will I be surprised at any conservative donation to her campaign.

    No challenger? Remains to be seen. And the focus on Loudoun by some national interests may make it quite prudent for her to build up a war chest to fend off what may be inevitable, especially given Jonathan’s predictable declarative hysteria about her.

  8. Liz Miller Post author

    Interesting theories, both, but doesn’t explain why they would be giving money to the horse in a one-horse race. Is it to build up a war-chest to frighten off challengers and she’ll donate it to other candidates later or what?

  9. Barbara Munsey

    Liz, no clue, but given Suzanne’s decades’ long history of tireless work in the party (as the DoorbellQueen you know those long thankless hours pounding pavement and working phones!) at all levels, I see nothing out of the ordinary about ANY conservative group donating to her.

    She’s worked on so many campaigns over the years, lots of people probably welcome the opportunity to give back now that she’s finally asking for herself.

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