McDean Tactics Make Voters Angry

Supporters of ours were called last night by a survey firm that said they were paid by McDean to inquire about our campaign.  This afternoon, I was informed an McDean paid survey team is doing the same thing with the Delegate races, probably to use results to influence voter turnout.   It is important the media question McDean on this and whether Matt LeTourneau or the Republican Party put them up to this.  Even if McDean does not intend to break any rules, it is entirely improper for McDean to even have the appearance of engaging in voter suppression or election influence — given the BroadBand situation.
We all know what is at stake!  McDean stands to lose millions and gain a damaged reputation if the new Board of Supervisors acts against them.   LeTourneau and other Republican Candidates need to return McDean contributions until the investigation is complete and in public cut all ties ASAP.  It is one thing to fight; but let’s fight clean.
My supporters are angry that they are getting calls from what they describe as a corrupt survey system, certainly tainted by association with McDean and the Republican Party.   We hate these tactics.
We not running our campaign that way — never have, never will — and we will not run scared of politicians who work like this; instead we will fight back.
No matter the results, the survey methods and its backers are totally suspect until the Broadband matter is cleared up.
We also want to know if this is a coordinated action with LeTourneau, and if so it must be reported as a campaign contribution.
Roeder for Supervisor Campaign
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