What happened to the LaRouche supporters?

If you’re wondering what happened to the whacky Lyndon LaRouche supporters who promoted Nuclear Fusion in the 1980’s and infiltrated and nearly destroyed the Loudoun Democratic Party, their former spokesperson, Christina N. Huth, is now writing  letters of support for Dave LaRock.

1 thought on “What happened to the LaRouche supporters?

  1. Epluribusunum

    The comments on the Times-Mirror site are hilarious. Goofball activist Dean Settle claims that exposing Christina Huth as a spokeswoman for LaRouche is a “personal attack,” then in the same comment calls Joe May a “squish.” I guess it’s time for a little lesson on the difference between a subjective “personal attack” and an objective “fact.” Facts are things like this:

    Christina Huth, spokeswoman for LaRouche at his Leesburg, Va., headquarters, declined to comment.

    At least the Dave LaRock campaign recognizes LaRouche as a damaging association.

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