Seriously, Jim Plowman, … Seriously?

Frank Wolf campaigns for SPLC designated hate group leader

Jim Plowman, our Commonwealth’s Attorney issued a fake “legal opinion” berating President Obama for campaigning for Terry McAuliffe. He ends his charge with the quote below, emphasis mine. The statement was published by anti-semite John Whitbeck in a GOP 10th CD email. This is the same CD committee whose chief fundraiser is the County’s tax collector.

The very fact that President Obama is campaigning for McAuliffe raises serious questions as to whether McAuliffe’s stature in the Democratic Party is shielding him and his company from full and timely investigations by the DHS and SEC.

Virginians would be right to question whether the President’s appearance with McAuliffe produces a legitimate conflict of interest.  Principles don’t change depending on which elected office you seek.  These actions would never be tolerated at the local level and they shouldn’t be tolerated at the State or National level either.  The public deserves prompt answers to these questions.

But these actions were tolerated for a long time at the local level. How long did Chairman York sit on Donna Mateer’s whistleblowing allegations against Supervisor Delgaudio? And hasn’t our human rights advocate, Frank Wolf, frequently campaigned for Delgaudio, the head of an anti-gay hate group? And didn’t the Loudoun GOP vote for a resolution to restore Delgaudio’s power in spite of his transgressions?

At the national level, Presidents from both parties have campaigned for legislators who have been convicted of crimes. It’s business as usual. McAuliffe has not been convicted of any crime. The Bush administration’s activities were more serious than simple corruption. Doctors were enlisted to participate in torture. Right here in Loudoun, Jim Plowman stood next to Sheriff Chapman when he exonerated the Sheriff for the murder of Mhai Scott.

Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? We’d prefer that our CA and all the other constitutional officers stick to their real jobs, not their political jobs.