Party loyalty trumps human decency

Randy Minchew endorsed John Whitbeck on 2013-12-09

Randy Minchew endorsed John Whitbeck on 2013-12-09

Randy Minchew endorsed John Whitbeck on December 9. Here, in part, is what he said:

The Democrats have already nominated their candidate who recently moved into the district and is out campaigning as we speak claiming this Senate seat as a Democratic possession. In light of that audacity, our Party needs to nominate its strongest possible candidate, someone with impeccable integrity, a rock-solid commitment to the principles and values set forth in our Virginia Republican Creed, and proven leadership attributes.

Audacity? It isn’t audacity to to regale large public gatherings with anti-Semitic jokes, to steal email lists, or to dismantle effective public social service organizations and funnel tax dollars to private “Christian Worldview” propaganda centers instead? Minchew continues:

This is critical because John could well become the 21st Republican in our 40-person Virginia State Senate thereby allowing for our Party to control both houses of the General Assembly as Governor-Elect McAuliffe begins to implement his vision for our Commonwealth. John understands our Republic was founded upon certain bedrock principles of limited government. That is why he is running to stop the forced expansion of ObamaCare upon Virginia. John knows that this dreadful piece of social engineering, that passed Congress without a single Republican vote, is first and foremost a retrenchment upon our liberty.

Providing health care to people who aren’t covered or who will lose coverage because of “pre-existing conditions” – like pregnancy – is “dreadful social engineering”? But enacting ALEC’s model legislation of “rolling back civil rights, challenging government restrictions on polluters, infringing on workers’ rights, limiting government regulations of commerce, privatizing public services, and representing the interests of the corporations that make up its supporters” isn’t?

I’ve talked with Randy Minchew. He seems like a decent guy. But that doesn’t really matter. His party loyalty – his loyalty to the monied ideologues running the Republican party trumps the human decency he appears to possess in person.

Speaking of “audacity”: The insular GOP nomination process quickly adopted after 10th CD Republican Chairman Whitbeck entered the race is so unsavory that even Tag Greason is breaking ranks:

“We should work to open up all of our future nominating events to as many voters as possible. Let’s not be afraid of more voters participating – let’s embrace them.”

Yet Whitbeck claims that Greason endorses him. Could this be another lie?

Finally, and most revealing of all, Mr. Delgaudio is very excited to tell us that the “mass” meeting at Park View (which, as Real Loudoun points out, is “scheduled for the evening rush hour, apparently to tamp down the participation of anyone who, say, works for a living“) will favor Cuccinelli mini-me John Whitbeck:

A “mass meeting” format favors Sterling residents due to the location in Sterling and due to the strong dedication of Sterling residents to conservative principles represented by John Whitbeck.

In other words, it favors Mr. Delgaudio’s “list,” which is useful only for such “mass” meetings and local elections with similarly tiny turnout. In the real world of major elections, not so much.

We are left wondering what the LCRC politburo has on Mr. Minchew? Or, once they took Joe May out with the trash, were the choices just that bad?

2 thoughts on “Party loyalty trumps human decency

  1. Epluribusunum

    I know, right? How dare the Democratic nominee actually campaign in her district, a district already held by another Democrat. The nerve.

    Who writes silly crap like this? Minchew should be embarrassed. He really does seem to be a decent and smart guy who must know better, and it mystifies me that he acts as if he couldn’t possibly stand up and fight for his party. His party is going to go the way of the Tories if it doesn’t change course, so I can’t help but wonder what he’s being threatened with if he doesn’t go along.

  2. Elder Berry

    Randy “I’m not a fanatic but I stand on the stage with them” MInchew has made my stomach turn for years. He knows better but he plays this party card every time.

    Mr. Minchew, it is not audacity for a party different from yours to run a candidate, or so I believe. Or had you forgotten that? Will you ever draw the line and refuse to endorse even one of these goons?

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