Lessons Learned, by John Whitbeck

John Whitbeck, Park View High School mass meeting, 2013-12-16

John Whitbeck, Park View High School mass meeting, 2013-12-16

John Whitbeck’s post-election-loss message contains some “lessons learned” that you might find interesting.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not one to get down when things don’t go my way.  In fact, I am already excited to move on to the next phase of my work on behalf of Virginians. That phase has become very clear to me after the results of yesterday’s election and let me share a few observations and goals with you.

First, the Republican Party is not as united as it could be and we need to find a way to correct this very soon.  There are several issues that have created factions within the Party and we need to find a way to reconcile these disagreements if we are going to maximize our success in elections.

There are several issues that have created factions? Could one of those issues be that first Dave LaRock, and then John Whitbeck, maligned twenty year Republican incumbent Joe May with epithets usually reserved for opponents representing the other party? And that the 10th CD under John Whitbeck then chose an exclusionary method for nominating…John Whitbeck?

Second, while we are making progress, we need to expand the Republican base beyond its traditional demographics.  My campaign made a very strong effort to gain the support of minority communities and our Party needs to continue these efforts if we want to win elections.

Which minority communities are those? Catholic and Protestant Republicans who find anti-Semitic jokes hilarious?

Third, the Republican Party needs to examine the way we campaign and improve our messaging, data gathering and overall strategy to win.  My campaign tried some very innovative things that were brought to us by outside groups and the Party needs to be the one to make these improvements.

This is really fascinating. Tell us more about these “outside groups” and their “innovative things.” Will they appear in your campaign finance reports?

So it is on to the next fight, immediately and without delay.  Thank you again for all you have done to support me in my campaign.  God bless you and your family.