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Blog grab – the death of the once critical “Too Conservative”

It is a sad day for the Loudoun County blogosphere. The once critical blog “Too Conservative” has been seized by Loudoun’s radical right. Loudoun Insider, a much needed gadfly is taking a sabbatical. Sensing LI’s impending absence, an apologist for Eugene Delgaudio, a “team player,” has been hovering over TC like a vulture.

FOIA responses from Supervisor Delgaudio’s office reveal that his appreciation of “team players” is not without rewards. Delgaudio insures that they receive contracts, free advertising, and other plugs that provide the necessary finance and resource to conduct his business which now includes the seizure of abandoned blog properties.

Too Conservative hit moral rock bottom by politicizing the Sandy Hook gun massacre, a massacre of innocent children and adults by an obviously mentally ill individual who murdered his own mother, stole her guns and murdered twenty children with an assault weapon, riddling their little bodies with multiple lethal gun shot wounds. Absent from the heartless Too Conservative post is the word “gun.” There is talk of “evil acts” and wonderment “when God seems to look the other way,” but not a single word about guns.

Oddly, the author likes to talk about guns a lot which is not surprising in a county where the current and former LCRC Chairs are propagandists for the NRA. Too Conservative has turned to the dark side. You will see no more critical analysis of the LCRC. You’ll see no more exposure of local government corruption. You’ll find nothing of value. May it rest in peace.