As of noon today, 90 people were signed up…

…to speak on the CBPO tonight at Public Input. Are you one of them? Consider this an open thread on what you plan to say or on what you hear there.

4 thoughts on “As of noon today, 90 people were signed up…

  1. stevensrmiller

    Chairman York had to tell nearly every single speaker to stop speaking when their time was up. Which made this parting remark from an older gentleman the most cogent of last night:

    “Two minutes ain’t long enough to say diddly!”

    If your purpose is to run for office, win applause, or be amusing, I highly recommend appearing at public input sessions.

    If you have a point you want to make to the members of the board of supervisors, call them.

  2. stevensrmiller

    …I may tweet a bit about tonight’s comments. I like to pay close attention, but some of these speakers tend to repeat themselves and that’s a chance to pass some word to all you ships at sea.

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