Open Seat in Broad Run in 2011

From the Loudoun Times Mirror, Broad Run District Supervisor Lori Waters has announced she will not seek re-election in 2011.

This is an election that is really in play now. As the Broad Run District chair for the LCDC, I do know that we have prospective candidates for this seat. I’m just not at liberty to discuss them at this moment.

4 thoughts on “Open Seat in Broad Run in 2011

  1. stevensrmiller

    I’m not surprised. Mother of two, new part-time job, etc. Frankly, politically, I think this is her best move as she now has a proven record as a re-electable local pol, and can use the job with the schools advocacy group for broadening her name-recognition.

    Personally, I wish her well. Politically, we’d be foolish to take eyes off her.

    I’ve said a bit more from a personal perspective at

  2. Paradox13

    My guess would be that Ryan fellow who ran last time. The LCRC has taken a turn to the Right in the past couple years and he is probably way mainstream for them now.

    But I am just guessing. I don’t follow what the LCRC does. [shrug]

  3. Paradox13

    If every there were evidence that governing a growing county in a time of recession was freaking hard, it’s the number of officials who are not standing for re-election. Kudos to those who are standing for re-election, in good faith.

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