On Political Violence – 2010

A Jack Conway (D) supporter was stomped on by a Rand Paul (R) supporter in Kentucky the other evening. And there’s video:

Note: Paul’s people got YouTube to take the video down, but DailyKos preserved it first:

I suspect you didn’t actually click play and watch the video. Go do that. Seriously.

The kicker? The police questioned the stomping victim.

Then there was the anthrax scare sent to the campaign office of Rep. Raul Grijalva. Earlier this year, Rep. Grijalva had to close another campaign office earlier this year because someone shot at it.

Here in Virginia, Rep. Tom Periello’s brother had his home address posted to Tea Party lists, and subsequently found his gas line severed.

For the past two years, our elected representatives have been under threat. Literally under threat on their lives, simply for doing their job representing their constituents.

In what world is this okay? In what America is beating up, shooting at, and threatening other Americans a legitimate expression of political views?Great coverage of this over at The Huffington Post.

And Aznew expresses his outrage over this incident at Blue Virginia.

1 thought on “On Political Violence – 2010

  1. Dave Nemetz

    These yahoos want a governing/legislative body devoid of anyone who dares disagree with them 100%. Democrats are just target #1. Target #2 will be the pols who are elected by these yahoos who fail to toe the line according to the tea-hadist mantra.

    Don’t tread on me…but I can tread on you. Your head, specifically. I still have hope that Americans will come to their senses and at least keep most of the genuine whacko-jobs like O’Donnell, Miller, Paladino, Paul, et al, out of office.

    General congressional protocol will keep the others in line, much to the chagrin of the angry, doughy, white men.

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