Where do we go from here?

Our Pres, wants to end DADT but our VA Senators are against it. (surveys show that 75% of Americans are in favor of ending DADT. As a retired LTC myself I know that there are gays and lesbians serving in the military now as they have been for the 20 years I wore the uniform, so what is the issue?)

Our pres. wants to put Defense dollars where they will do the most good and wants to follow SEC Def’s suggestions but our two Dem Senators are against closing the no longer needed base in Norfolk VA. that the Sec Def wants to close.

This is part of the reason why I am frustrated.  I also want everyone to know that I do not consider what I am doing as “in-fighting”, I prefer to call it “soul searching and reflection”. For example, why did our base stay home in this past election????

Our house of Rep.. under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi has passed many good pieces of legislation that were stymied in the Senate so we need to get the rules changed so that veto-proof voters are not needed for EVERY piece of legislation and we need to get a true “Campaign finance” law in place . For example, Citizens United can now donate MILLIONS without disclosing where the money came from.  However, as was noted to day by Rep. Bill Pascell (D) NJ., we did not do enough to work on JOBS!

I agree with E.J. Dionne, jr. who wrote in the 15 November issue of the Washington Post that the “lame duck” “congress has an opportunity to “test whether Democrats have spines made of Playdough and whether President Obama has decided to pretend that capitulation is conciliation”

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