What Choice means to me

It means the ability to say, “No”. It also means the ability to say, “Yes”.

Choice means that sexual contact with someone who cannot or did not consent is rape.

Choice means having full and factual information. About how reproduction happens, about how to prevent reproduction from happening, and how to have the healthiest baby possible – if you choose to reproduce. Without full and factual information, there is no informed consent.

Choice means that women should be able to choose to get a tubal ligation, or be able to decline to get one.

Choice means that women should be able to get their birth control pills from any pharmacy that also stocks Viagra.

Choice means that any insurance company that covers Viagra should also cover birth control pills.

Choice means that abortion should be safe and legal and available and, yes, covered by insurance (and not on a separate policy).

Choice means that the health of the mother should trump the life of a fetus.

Choice means that clinics that provide out-patient first-trimester abortions should not be held to a higher standard than clinics that provide out-patient vasectomies.

I am pro-choice. Please donate to NARAL Pro-Choice VA, to help stop TRAP. Or join Tarina and many others for Lobby Day next week.