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I admit being a tiny bit closer to the story about Lara Logan than some others might be. A friend from New York works for CBS news, and through her, I’ve been following the story of another CBS reporter, blown up in Afghanistan. Today’s news about Lara Logan’s assault while reporting in Egypt made me take pause.

If it hasn’t been said, let me say thank you to all of the reporters, but perhaps especially the female reporters, who go into the field to bring important stories home to those of us comfortable in our living rooms. These journalists willingly put themselves in harm’s way, often in a culture hostile to the very idea of women with jobs in the news, and they do so simply to bring us stories that would otherwise go missed. And too often in today’s world, the stories they bring home go missed anyway.

So today, I’m taking a moment to give thanks for Lara Logan, Cami McCormick and all the reporters who literally put themselves on the line for three minutes of airtime on low-rated news shows in an attempt to get America to notice things going on around the world.

Thank you.

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One thought on “Women Reporters

  1. Liz Miller

    On the previous site, Epluribusunum said:

    Lara Logan continues to be raped
    by the most depraved political posturing imaginable. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg describes it – a “sustained and brutal assault” indeed. And a local “tea party” blogger who has been given a platform in the Purcellville Gazette is participating in this exploitation for political gain. This awful woman’s sustained assault on the Muslim community is the equivalent of someone over and over and over and over citing the hate speech of Fred Phelps and Bryan Fischer as evidence of what Christianity is and then demanding the suppression of Christians. She is not the only one in our midst, but she coordinates with national hate groups in attacks on people in our community while pretending to be “just a conservative mommy.” Exposure is needed. We have been far too nice about things like this.
    by: Epluribusunum”

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