Sen. Herring On The Assembly Session

This week’s video update from Sen. Herring does a good job explaining how the legislative process works in Richmond, given the Assembly’s short session. For example, the Senator discusses how the Senate’s budget provides more funding for education, healthcare and public safety than the House of Delegates’ budget.

Our Senator, hard at work for us in Richmond

As an added bonus, reasons I’m a Virginia Democrat: The Senate votes to take money (hundreds of milions) from redundant, and ineffective, abstinence education and put it towards funding care and housing for wounded veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Sen. Herring On The Assembly Session

  1. Liz Miller

    On the previous site, Paradox13 responded:

    This one goes to eleven
    The Senator secured financing for the Sycolin Road overpass, which will significantly alleviate the most dangerous traffic intersection in town. So, yes, Sen. Herring will be responsible for alleviating traffic to a measurable degree.

    As best I can tell, a good half-dozen or more of Sen. Herring’s bills (including an R&D tax credit, banning synthetic marijuana, and two transportation projects to name four) from the 2011 session are now law. Which is not bad for a relatively junior Democratic state Senator. In fact, it’s rather remarkable.

    So, yes, I characterize Sen. Herring as both effective and hard working, because that’s what the evidence shows.

    All the best!

    Progress is a continuum, not a light switch.

  2. Liz Miller

    On the previous site, “Lloyd the Idiot” said:

    Passed Bills?

    Did any of the bills for which your “hard working” senator was patron actually pass? Which ones will alleviate traffic in northern Virginia by any measurable degree?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Lloyd the Idiot”

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