This is what I know for sure about seats and Dem candidacies.


  • Chair: Tom Bellanca is the Dem challenger to Scott York (I, formerly R).
  • Algonkian (formerly Sugarland Run): No candidate yet for the open seat being left by Susan Buckley, though I’ve heard rumblings.
  • Ashdowne (Ashburn, Lansdowne): Valdis Ronis is running for this open seat.
  • Blue Ridge (Brambleton/Middleburg/Hamilton/Purcellville/Blue Ridge Mountains): No Dem challenger has appeared yet to run against Jim Burton (I).
  • Broad Run (Dulles Town Center, Broadlands, Sterling): Andrea McGimsey is the incumbent. No primary challenger.
  • Catoctin: Malcolm Baldwin is running for the open seat being left by Sally Kurtz.
  • (Jennie) Dean (South Riding/Airport/Loudoun Valley Estates): Larry Roeder is running for this open seat.
  • Leesburg: Kelly Burk is the incumbent. No primary challenger.
  • Sterling: the Dems have three candidates to run against Eugene Delgaudio (R): Al Nevarez; Bahri Aliriza; and Dan Lloyd. That’ll be a good primary. I’m looking forward to it.

Constitutional Offices:

  • Clerk of the Court: No Democratic candidate as yet to run against Gary Clemens (R)
  • Commissioner of the Revenue: Joshua Actor is going to challenge  Robert Wertz (R).
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney: Jennifer Wexton is running against Jim Plowman (R).
  • Sheriff: No Democratic candidate as yet, though it seems the Republicans have a few! Four candidates there to run against Sheriff Simpson (I, formerly R)!
  • Treasurer: No Democratic candidate as yet to run against Roger Zurn (R).

Soil and Water Conservation District

  • There are three seats up for election this November. Peter Rush is a Democratic incumbent on this board. I sent him a note yesterday to ask if he’s running again, I’ll update with his answer.

I won’t discuss the School Board in this post, because there are so many unknowns still. Many incumbents have said that they’ll decide what they’re going to do after the budget is done.

Nor will I discuss the House of Delegates or the State Senate races yet, since we still don’t know what the districts are for those races.

As I get more information about these and other races, I’ll post ’em up here.

UPDATE: Lloyd put up a post at TC about the state of the races from the Republican point of view. Apparently, one of the candidates for Sheriff dropped out.

18 thoughts on “This is what I know for sure about seats and Dem candidacies.

  1. Chris Simmons

    All three incumbent Directors with the Loudoun Soil & Water Conservation District (i.e., Peter Rush, Jim Wylie, and I), are running for re-election to this non-partisan office.

    Chris Simmons

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  4. Liz Miller Post author

    Yeah, Lloyd. There is a reason I didn’t link to his existing site. He’s a young, enthusiastic person with a background in accounting. I hope that he gains experience in presenting himself.

  5. Ashdowner

    Still having trouble with “Ashdowne” — have to be careful not to slip in front of my kids! Perhaps we will have Lansburg high school in Ashdowne 😉 I have to admit, I am growing fond of it , if for no other reason than the symbolism — we have to learn from our mistakes because they have far reaching consequences (such as this silly name)!

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  7. Barbara Munsey

    That’s another issue, Paradox–the land for the church in Conklin was donated by Ms. Dean’s cousin, who, according to the most current county research, was the one most intimately involved with the founding of the church.

    Previous research suggested that Charles Dean was Jennie Dean’s brother, and further research suggests he was not. Even JTHG refers only to Ms. Dean and her sisters.

    I understand that the airport was named for a significant individual. But like your earlier comment on another thread, the Jefferson district was not the THOMAS Jefferson district, and in any case, it no longer exists.

    Dulles Airport is not the John Foster Dulles Airport, but it still exists, and is a huge part of our economic branding, not only locally but nationally and internationally.

    The superficial research leading to the incorrect assertions in the motion smack more of politics than respect to me, but that is just my opinion.

    If it is your contention that it is worthwhile to name a district for an African American for simply the sake of doing so, I can respect your opinion.

  8. Paradox13

    I, too, recall the point of the naming to be in honor of the family member integral to the founding of Prosperity Baptist Church, given that church’s significance in the history and development of that part of the County.

    The school in Manassas has nothing to do with it.

    Besides, we’re missing the point here. This is the first Magisterial district in Virginia to be named for an African-American. That, alone, is something I’m proud of.

  9. Epluribusunum

    I’ve seen nothing indicating that the renaming was intended to boost the tourism economy. Do you have a link that supports that assertion?

    My understanding was that it was intended to honor the founder of, and local community that grew around, Prosperity Baptist Church. As a former slave who founded that church and community, Jennie Dean is a figure worthy of recognition of a more transcendent nature than just “isn’t this great for tourism?”

    As important as the airport is to our economy, I have to say that I’m more inspired by this human being. It occurs to me to say this only because it’s so interesting to me that you’re lifting up the airport itself, and not the human being that the airport is itself named for.

  10. Barbara Munsey

    If you say so, David.

    If they want to name the district zoned for much of the desired economic development of the county for a woman who, while legitimately worthy of recognition, was not a native or resident of the county, and whose most significant achievements were located in Manassas and are recognized there. As well as to make absolutely sure that Dulles Airport is completely insignificant in a county that is drowning in a lack of business revenue, while fatuously proclaiming that they are “open for business!”

    A loop on the Prince William JTHG page already addresses the tourism economy benefits of Jennie Dean’s connection to the neighboring region.

    I don’t think a tourist economy is going to pay for the schools we are obligated by law to provide, let alone the staffing needs of something like the CBPO.

  11. Barbara Munsey

    Mrs. Miller, the motion made by Ms. Burk was for “Dean”. The motion voted on after discussion was for “Dean”. The final list approved included “Dean”.

    Unless they bring it up for reconsideration, it won’t be Jennie Dean, and as the original motion also incorrectly identified her as a Loudoun resident, as well as implied that her Manassas trade school was more local, it might be best to leave well enough alone and call it was was adopted–simply “Dean”.

  12. fact checker

    Um… Clerk of the Courts is an 8-year term and the reason the Dems don’t have a challenger there is because the position won’t be on the ballot until November of 2015.

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