Patricia Phillips Debt Campaign

I suppose one way to run for office is to load up your campaign with debt and hope you win.

That seems to be the operating philosophy of Republican Senate hopeful Patricia Phillips. That and spending $7,000 to raise $9,000.

See for yourself.

In total, Ms. Phillips appears to be running with around $50,000 in loans, when you consider those taken in advance of the first Quarter of 2011. Seems to me that the Republicans in Loudoun County aren’t exactly lining up behind their chosen candidate to oppose Sen. Mark Herring.

(Meanwhile, Sen. Herring raised more money than any Senate candidate.)

4 thoughts on “Patricia Phillips Debt Campaign

  1. Liz Miller

    Thank you, Justin, for sharing your thoughts on governmental fiscal responsibility. I agree it is very important not to waste or misuse government resources.

  2. Paradox13 Post author

    This is someone running to be a full-time supervisor, and has been fighting hard for his neighbors all year. Quite frankly, I see the transparency of spending and honesty of financing as evidence of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

  3. Justin Time

    How about the Democrat who spends $16,000 while raising $1150 and some his expenses include multiple mileage reimbursements, tolls, and lunches for himself. Yes this is someone who is evidencing fiscal responsibility as they endeavor to be on the BOS. Oh his name is Larry Roeder, your fiscally responsible Democratic candidate. Check the campaign report for April. My guess is you overlooked that I am sure.

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