Assembly Maps for Loudoun

Since I couldn’t get the Virginia Redistricting site’s interactive map to work, I spent some time this morning playing with shapefiles and viewing software, along with my computer’s screenshot capabilities. As a result, I present to you the maps, as I understand them, of Assembly Districts (Delegate and Senate) in and around Loudoun County, Virginia.

(Incidentally, Hampton Roads online has a fantastic zoomable map, but I think the data on which it is based is the vetoed plans, rather than the passed, compromise plans from April 28th.)

First, Delegate Districts, as determined by the compromise plans passed on April 28th.

Next, Senate Districts.

Finally, Senate Districts with a bit more regional context.

Hopefully, this will help inform all of the, “wait, does that candidate live in this district?” discussions going on. There are two more images below the jump that dig down into a bit more detail in the Ashburn Area, for people interested in where those lines really fall.

First, some deeper detail of the Delegate lines in Ashburn.

And more detail of the Senate lines in Ashburn.

For the tech geeks out there, I created these pictures by locating the shapefiles of the Delegate and Senate maps which were passed on April 28th, pasting the links to the shapefiles into an online shapefile viewer, waiting for it to render, then zooming in to Loudoun County, opening a screenshot program, selecting the area of the map, taking a screenshot, saving it as a .jpg, uploading it to Photobucket, and linking to the image file online.

Credit where credit is due, Councilman David Butler, running for Delegate, is the one who told me how to do it. I did not figure that out on my own.

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