What Gives With the Republican Candidates?

Weird what is happening in the Republican Party.  When an anti-Sharia demonstration was held in front of LCDC HQ, party members shrugged their shoulders and said, “ no worries,”  just a matter of freedom of speech.  Maybe; but doesn’t a major party have a responsibility to speak out against hate-speech?  None of the party elders, including young Mat Latourneu has stood for proper behavior.   

Passing by the Republican tent down in South Riding the other day sis and I saw Ramadan, and Republicans said this was all much about nothing since  Ramadan isn’t a practising Muslim.  Who knows what his religion is?  But why does it matter if he is or is not?  That’s the problem missed by the Republican mob.  So why would any Muslim vote Republican this year. 

Then there is Delgaudio with his hate speech against gays, and York, then Republican, then independent, and now Republican being hugged by Delgaudio, who voting record isn’t popular with the African-American community.  Weird stuff.  Well, perhaps not weird.  They are all neo-conservatives after all.    Buono is pushing a N-S superhighway that will devastate the environment.   Nope.  Weird cast of characters, from the green behind the ears Matt to the socially challenged Delgaudio, to the “business is all” Buono, to the “I just want to be elected and will do whatever it takes to do it,” York.  Wow.  Real progressives, all.