Dan Lloyd drops out of the Sterling race, throws his support to Al Nevarez

May 18, 2011

All Loudoun County Democrats,

I have decided to end my campaign for Sterling Supervisor. During this amazing four-month learning process, I have met great people who care about their community and learned a lot about our local issues and the political process. However, given the pressures of running a small business in a down economy and keeping up with family responsibilities, I have realized that I don’t have the time to devote to beating the incumbent in the fall. Fortunately, Al Nevarez has the knowledge, communication skills and a team in place to take on Delgaudio, and I will help to fully mobilize Democrats and Independents around his campaign.

I thank you for all your advice and support and I will do whatever I can to help our local candidates and the LCDC succeed.

Dan Lloyd

Thank you for stepping up, Dan, and thank you also for this gracious note about your departure from the race, which I received from a friend within the LCDC.

7 thoughts on “Dan Lloyd drops out of the Sterling race, throws his support to Al Nevarez

  1. Stevens Miller

    Dan is a class act. That e-mail proves it. He’s not leaving the field. Instead, he is joining Al’s team with a promise, “to fully mobilize Democrats and Independents.”

    Good plan, but we must never forget that the opposition isn’t a moderate Republican. It’s Eugene Delgaudio, a dangerous extremist.

    I have learned, over the last four years, that a lot of moderate Republicans voted for me in 2007. No party owns the Loudoun electorate’s votes. If a lot of reasonable Republicans were willing to vote for me over the opponent I challenged then, a lot of reasonable Republicans will vote for Al Nevarez over Eugene Delgaudio now. A whole lot.

    Let’s mobilize them all.

  2. Liz Miller Post author

    This is one of those cases where I’m not even going to ask for someone to print me walk-sheets. Who the heck needs to know party affiliation in this instance? I’ll buy a list of registered voters and just start knocking.

  3. Epluribusunum

    True, that. To the extent that party affiliation matters in this race, it only serves to raise serious questions about a party that would endorse such monstrous behavior. Regardless of party or political ideology, it comes down to the simple question I’ve been asking of Mr. Delgaudio’s apologists over at Stevens’ blog: Do you or do you not think that a person who could refer to other human beings as “it” is fit for public office?

    There could hardly be a more clear dividing line, and there is no refusing to answer the question. Those who remain silent have given their answer.

  4. Liz Miller Post author

    One of the good things about not being a member of the LCDC anymore is I get to express my preference for one or the other of the candidates in a primary in a more direct way. I think Al Nevarez has what it takes to beat Eugene Delgaudio, and I will from this moment behave as though he has the nomination, even though I know that there is still another person in the race.

    I like Bahri personally, but he’s been saying he’s running for this seat for over a year, and yet only just filed, has no funds raised, has no website, and talks only about national issues on his facebook page. He’s too disorganized to win the seat away from Delgaudio.

    Al, on the other hand, has raised over $7,000, has a website and an involved and active campaign manager. I think his go-ahead attitude, and the fact that he is serious and organized will win this seat.

    I am looking forward to helping in that effort.

  5. Al Nevarez

    Dan is a thoughtful man with integrity and conviction. I am honored to have his support.

    I appreciate all the kind comments and advice. I will certainly welcome the support of any voter who is tired of Eugene Delgaudio and his bizarre fixations, regardless of party affiliation. However, I want to emphasize how critical it’s going to be to get Democrats out to the polls. Thousands of people in my district who voted for President Obama in 2008 did not vote in 2007. These are people who are looking for common sense leadership. Clearly they don’t realize what kind of person they have representing them at the local level.

    In my opinion, our top priority on the ground is to expose this slice of the electorate to Delgaudio’s outrageous antics, and to demonstrate how I’m going to provide the kind of common sense leadership that is needed here in Sterling.

    Thank you all for your support.

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