Guarding America’s Youth

I’ve been told that a woman named Barbara Dixon announced her intent to run for School Board at Monday night’s LCRC meeting, pledging among other things to save our children from the “homosexual agenda.” Barbara is also the only known LCRC member to have openly joined the little “Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force” protest held at the April meeting.

The following video contains some other suggestions Barbara may find helpful to her campaign. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Guarding America’s Youth

  1. Stevens Miller

    Quite so, Eplurb. Like you, I have seen Republicans fidget when Ms. Dixon has the floor. Her commitment comes through in a way that, in my opinion, is strident and confrontational, almost to the point of being somewhat threatening. Alas, not only is being an embarrassment not a barrier to a Republican candidate’s success here (cf. Eugene Delgaudio), being confrontational and somewhat threatening appears, in fact, to be a reason why Republicans will elect a person here (cf. Eugene Delgaudio).

  2. Epluribusunum Post author

    Very much committed to her beliefs, yes. I have seen her speak at meetings, and she doesn’t come across well. In fact, I have the distinct impression that many of her fellow committee members find her embarrassing. But you’re right, just being embarrassing isn’t enough to stop someone from being elected here 😮

  3. Stevens Miller

    I have encountered Ms. Dixon in a couple of public settings. She gave me the impression of someone very much committed to her beliefs. I would not take her entry into the race at all lightly.

    She worked the polls on election day some years ago at Hillside Elementary School, which is in the new Broad Run district. Does anyone know if that is her home district? Have any other candidates for the Broad Run school board seat declared?

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