Oops! We missed LP’s first anniversary!

LP went live a year ago on May 11. And we totally missed the opportunity to thank you all for reading and commenting.

So I’m thanking you now. Thank you for your comments, thank you for your guest posts, thank you for your feed-back.

Thank you also, for sticking with us as we worked out the kinks of having a shared blog.

We’ve had 420 blog posts, 1,327 comments, and 16 guest posts. Not bad for a bit over a year! Thank you again for making this year one of great discussions.

2 thoughts on “Oops! We missed LP’s first anniversary!

  1. Dave Nemetz

    And thanks to you, Liz, along with our other 2 partners in this, for covering for me during this busy period for me.

    And our critics said it wouldn’t last a year. :-)

  2. Stevens Miller

    Oh, hey! I remember those critics. Actually, make that “critic.” Well, what happened in that year? Seems to me that not only haven’t you gone away but, in fact, there’s a second progressive blog that’s appeared on the Loudoun scene since then. And I do seem to recall predictions that this would be the great opportunity his critics needed to shut its moderator down. (Oops, again, make that “critic,” albeit not the same one.)

    Liz, Dave, and David, I’m pleased to be among you in the ‘sphere. Keep it up!

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