This weekend was all about Valdis Ronis!

I went canvassing with Valdis’s daughter, Shanyn on Sunday. I put my money on her being the Doorbell Queen for his campaign! She’s tireless, enthusiastic, and rings a mean doorbell.

On Monday, we met up again to celebrate Valdis’s 52nd birthday! There was a great crowd, including two elected officials, lots of familiar faces, and a crew of people I’d never met before. I love when a campaign gets people who are not normally involved in politics to join in the effort!

Speaking of familiar faces, Marlene Barney has a blog. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “This weekend was all about Valdis Ronis!

  1. Stevens Miller

    Valdis is off to a powerful start with his campaign. His family is completely and actively supportive. Believe me, I know how important that is!

    His opponent’s lit has a lot of bullet points on it, but over half of them are all just different ways to say, “I’m a member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.” As the east-coast managing principal for a global business, Valdis’s business credentials are rather more substantial than just paying dues to an old-boys’ club.

    Add in that he’s a Planning Commissioner and you’ve already got an unsurpassed candidate. All that’s left for him to win is to knock on all those doors.

  2. Shanyn's mom

    First, as Shanyn’s mom, I can say that she indeed has found her love…canvassing. She is deeply committed and runs a tight ship. Of course, after an hour with Liz, she is a pro ;-)

    Thanks to everyone who shared this past weekend with us! From helping kids make macaroni necklaces at the Ashburn Farm Summer Kick-Off, to canvassing and eating birthday cake, it was a weekend full of great memories and many new friends. Such great weekends make the blisters seem un-important ;-)

  3. Leej

    Interesting and I am not saying anything bad. But who is running this guys east coast architecture firm while he is playing politics. Mr Miller you said it yourself that being on the BOS is a full time job. Planning commissioner is also close to a full time job. Is there potential work for his firm coming from being planning commissioner and on the BOS ???? I am just trying to understand what the real purpose in all this.

    And I will add why was the head of Loudouns HCA at Cliffs political event a few weeks ago ?????? I have heard from others Cliff is only running to get the HCA back in the picture. They still have not broke ground on rt 50 and INOVA would of had a hospital going up by now. Something does not sem right here. Hopefully I am wrong.

  4. Dave Nemetz

    Ha. Its always telling when a comment starts out, “I’m not saying anything bad, but…”

    So tell us, leej, who should “play politics” then? The unemployed? The super-wealthy? Why is it any business of yours who is running his business? Are you a client of his?

    And to “understand his real purpose”, maybe you should visit Valdis’ website, where he lays out what his “purpose” is.

    It’s also pretty low for you to insinuate that one of the reasons that a principled man like Valdis is running for Supervisor is to possibly get work for his firm. As a friend (and supporter) of his, I find that highly insulting. Frankly, this kind of constant cynicism is what is driving good people away from running for office. It might surprise you to find out that there actually are still some good people left in this world, and Valdis is one of them.

    Better yet, just talk to the guy.

  5. Leej

    Dave I am very skeptical these days why people run for office and take a huge pay cut. The BS saying being used more and more “”" I am doing it for my service to the community “”" Biggest lie in politics. Then you see HCA’s top person in Loudoun at Cliff’s meet and great and when she saw me she ran right out of the meet and great.

    Ronis and Cliff better get used to people being skeptical and questioning their motives. Nobody buys the community service BS. McG certainly has taken her position supervisor to enrich herself financially.

    Dave I am sorry you are insulted but get use to it. Politics are not for the faint of heart.

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