What happened to Randy Minchew the “moderate”?

I “liked” Randy Minchew’s campaign page on facebook and posted a few factual comments.  Within 30 minutes, the comments were removed and the campaign “de-liked” me.  What kind of transparency can we expect from Randy, none?  What kind of “virtue” can we expect?

Here’s a screen capture of the removed content.  It seems to me that a moderate candidate would at least be willing to discuss the root cause of the deficit and not lay the entire blame on President Obama, but not in Loudoun in 2011.  What a shame.

12 thoughts on “What happened to Randy Minchew the “moderate”?

  1. Barbara Munsey

    Jonathan, maybe next time leave out the multiple use of “crap” in your posts there?

    (you really do seem to have a fascination for scatalogical imagery)

  2. Jonathan


    I can’t control the author’s branding. I liked the content and linked to it. Interesting observation on your part. How do you know that I wasn’t squicked by the branding?

  3. Tom DeWine

    Jonathan, you’ve got Minchew wrong. He’s no moderate and never was.

    You mistakenly read his inclusive and outgoing nature as suggesting that he was a moderate. Just because he does not have horns and breath fire like many oher conservatives does not mean he is not one. You can read his views on his website and believe that you will not find him to be a moderate.

    As for your being disallowed from his campaign website, you can’t be surprised. You posted three negative writings in rapid secession and your own bad manners lead to this.

  4. Pariahdog Post author

    Bad manners? I thought we were having a conversation. How can we expect transparency from this man?

    btw, what was rude? I asked reasonable questions.

  5. Barbara Munsey

    Jonathan, more passive aggression? Randy may be a lot of things in different people’s opinions, but one thing he is NOT is vulgar.

    I DON’T know what “squicked” you, but if the content comes wrapped in a package of “crap”, it may not have been something the average person wants on their wall.

    It may be a tossup for me on what moves you more–the content of the “crap”, or the fact that the wrapper identifies it as such! :D

  6. David O'Connell

    I’m Randy Minchew’s campaign manager. I removed the posts because they were obscene in nature. Feel to write what you want, but there are kids who look at this page.

  7. Pariahdog


    A screen shot is captured right here. Can you elaborate? Where’s the content that you found to be “obscene in nature”?

  8. Barbara Munsey

    as I said, Jonathan, it may well be that not everyone is as enamored of poo references as you seem to be.

  9. Republican

    Where is the screenshot? My guess is it wasn’t child appropriate. Some people post stuff not appropriate for children on my page too and I have to delete it. No every environment is adults only.

    I think ALL political discussion ought to be G rated as much as possible. That would help with civility.

  10. Pariahdog Post author


    This post contains an image of a Facebook page. That image is the screen shot. Click on it and your browser will display a larger image. You should be able to read every word. Please take a look and let us know if you find anything that you find to be obscene.

  11. Elder Berry

    Randy is the “normal looking” front man for the right-wing wackos. He’s very polite and well-spoken and seems like the classic nice man in casual conversation, but in practice historically speaking he has no intention whatsoever of standing in their way. In fact I think he enables them, by laying down cover and smoothing the surface waters. I don’t think he has any interest in a real conversation.

    The same kind of folks who deplore your language, Jonathan, will laugh heartily and slap each other’s backs when certain words are used about ethnic minorities, LGBTs, other political beliefs, etc. They are super-sensitive to some epithets but not to others. They worry a lot about scatalogical and sexual references in public, using the protection of children as an excuse. In private they are the same bunch who have wide stances in public restrooms, who divorce wives who are hospitalized with cancer, and who prey on Congressional pages.

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