Does Geary Higgins wish that his volunteers would just go away?

The Higgins team is still hard at it, arguing that they should be allowed to go door to door and demand that anyone with a Baldwin yard sign hand over their Chapman signs. Consistent with his out-of-touch letter (I wonder if he cleared that with Geary first), David LaRock is out busily winning friends and influencing people. Not:

Thanks for letting me know there is disagreement with me suggesting Mike Chapman give some thought to separating his signs from Baldwin’s on the main drag in Hamilton, in Baldwin’s front yard or elsewhere where hundreds of people see them every day…

…As we all know, anyone who is part of the Republican team, needs to remember, that allows them to draw from the team and requires they give back to the team. Think about what would happen if Mike or someone speaking on his behalf, knocked on those 5-6 doors to say please don’t use my sign with Baldwin’s. Worst case for Mike is he could lose 5-6 votes… or maybe some of those 5-6 people would stick with Mike because he is a team player, net result for Mike in either case is very small… [emphasis mine]

Yeah, that’s being a “good team player,” going door to door demanding that voters take down another Republican’s yard sign. So alien to these paranoiacs is the notion of nonpartisan agreement that they can only imagine a vast, shadowy conspiracy. Are they really proposing knocking on Malcolm Baldwin’s door and demand that he relinquish his signs? The appearance, at least, is that they’ve been told by someone to stand down. So, are they just loose cannon volunteers that Geary Higgins wishes would go away? Or do they have his blessing for this behavior?

This goes beyond just signs, however. This small group comprises a cell within the LCRC that is now actively campaigning against the Republican nominee and trolling for any reason to do so, including the claim that his campaign manager “used to be a Democrat.” As far as I know they are all LCRC members, and are therefore in violation of this:

To remain eligible for membership on the County Committee, members shall not support any candidate opposing a nominee of the Loudoun County Republican Party or the Republican Party of Virginia or the Republican National Committee.

Will we be seeing a housecleaning sometime soon? And again, I have to wonder to what degree Mr. Higgins is involved in this drama queen nonsense.

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  1. Lovettsville Lady

    LI has been peddling that silly stuff that he for months now. He dreamed it up and no one knows why he continues to pretend that’s true. It’s not. It never was.

  2. Barbara Munsey

    If you choose to think of them as parodies, that is certainly your right. One way they ARE substantively different is that they are real people with names attached to their opinions. Whether you disagree with them or not. The subtext I keep hearing in the warrior’s dialogue is that he needs to attach “ist” to his first name–that’s what he’s really displaying, isn’t he?

  3. Eric the 1/2 troll

    “Perhaps LaRock and Delgaudio are also parodies?”


    “If the two men this other person refers to were homosexuals then they will be dealing with the fires of hell soon enough.”

    Now THAT is indeed very funny – parody or not…

  4. Epluribusunum Post author

    Yes, I think rational people do. I also think that the efforts of Christian Warrior are not substantively different or more ‘over the top’ than the efforts of David LaRock or Eugene Delgaudio, to name two others of the same ideological family. Please illustrate how you believe they are, if that is the case. Perhaps LaRock and Delgaudio are also parodies?

  5. Barbara Munsey

    See above, as in “rational people ignore”.

    So, we have the standard “shut up”.

    Just bearing witness, under my own name. Have a nice day!

  6. Liz Miller

    BPM, your comment has been deleted. LI, I deleted yours relating to his. BPM, if you bring that here again, I’ll put you in moderation. Bring it a third time and I’ll ban you.

  7. Christian Warrior

    Who is this Barbara Munsey person? I haven’t heard of her in the circles of faith. If the two men this other person refers to were homosexuals then they will be dealing with the fires of hell soon enough. I hope you people here can be saved, please take my advice and turn to Jesus. Repent and you can be saved.

  8. Epluribusunum Post author

    Could very well be. It’s a measure of how out of touch a special interest group has become when it’s hard to tell the difference between the real thing and a repetitive over the top imitation of it. On the other hand, you are reminding me of your buddy who tried to claim that the two men who were victims of a hate crime a few years ago destroyed their own property and put their own niece in danger by arson. How clever.

    I commend you for pointing out that this kind of talk isn’t going to win friends for Republicans, though.

  9. Barbara Munsey

    You wish, David. It could as easily be a Baldwin or Burton supporter painting a one-dimensional picture of the standard “flyover” who supports Higgins or Clarke, and patting themselves on the back from some Olypus of the mind about how very aware and clever they are.

    Naughty, too! O!

  10. Christian Warrior

    I am no troll, whatever you meen by that. The only trolls I know of are liberal scum like Malcolm Baldwin and Jim Burton. I did not come here to be called insults, but to spread The Word. Listen and you will be saved. Ignore it and you will be cast into Hell.

  11. Barbara Munsey

    No, because (at least the ones at LTM) are so repetitively over the top, I think most people probably dismiss them. They could even be any one (or more) of a number of regular bloggers being “cute”.

    Not really cute, but I bet they crack themselves up with it.

  12. Epluribusunum Post author

    It’s awfully hard to tell, Barbara; as you know, the “real” ones sound pretty unhinged too. Could be one of your nemeses from the JoAnn Chase cult. Are you worried that he’s damaging the Higgins/Clarke brand?

  13. Christian Warrior

    Too many people of faith are afraid to speak the truth. Some of our leaders say we are supposed to not talk about these vital issues of spiritual life and death. That we are supposed to bee stealthy and mask our true feeling so we can get our people into office. I say the time has come to sing our principles from on high, for all to hear.

    Western Loudoun County is on the verge of being led by real Christian leaders for the first time. This is how it should be since Patrick Henry College is our spiritual center. Dr. Farris will help guide our candidates to making principled Christian decisions, along with Colonel Richard Black, who will be our elected leader in the senate. Brothers in Christ will flock to western Loudoun with their families. You liberal secularists will just have to learn to live with it. A new era of living with Christ is upon us!

  14. Barbara Munsey

    Guys, do you think the self-named warrior is real?

    I think it sounds remarkably like the trolls at LTM.

  15. Dave Nemetz

    Nice. Another person spouting off hate while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

    If they had any cajones, they’d post under a real name. But they won’t.

    (and before you say it, we all know who “Epluribusunum” is – he’s not hiding from anyone by using that screen name).

  16. liz

    Wow. Wow.


    You say you’re a Christian Warrior. I don’t think Christian means what you think it means.

  17. Christian Warrior

    So the homosexuals like Malcolm Baldwin. Thanks for confirming for me that Gary Higgins is the right man for this job, at least we can replace that weak woman Sally Kurtz with a man of God who can work with Dick Black. You talk about signs, so you better talk about all those Black and Higgins signs you see together. The real Christians will win this election and show you people who it’s done.

  18. liz

    If I’m not the top poster on a post, I don’t see the comments right away. Let me know if something needs moderating by emailing me at liz at millerhousehold dot com.

  19. Wolverine

    Liz Miller had better run for the moderation button. That epic moveable feast known as the LI-BPM feud could be coming to a blog near you.

  20. Loudoun Insider

    They’ve been working against “their” party’s candidate because that candidate didn’t ask for their blessing and didn’t hire their friends to run his campaign. And to top it all off that candidate “hired” (well she runs the campaign but isn’t paid a cent) an upstart who all the older women are insanely jealous of. It’s a massive display of petty vindictiveness.

  21. Epluribusunum Post author

    Higgins’ performance at the debate Monday night indicates that he is going the full-on partisan division route. In particular, his closing statement was composed of (purely partisan, not issue-based) attacks on his opponent and name-dropping of other Republicans – his “connections” with these men, he says, will make him effective. It was very much in the same vein as the ridiculous stink bug mailer.

    I have been skeptical that these characters are actually campaigning against their own candidate (I mean beyond the silly sign drama), but now I’m convinced they are. Exhibit A is LvL’s comment. The reaction of the Higgins people when I posted, in response to their fishing, that Chapman had ‘sought the LCDC endorsement’ (and how would I even know that?) was epic. And so predictable and transparent. Hence the title of this post.

  22. Stevens R. Miller

    This whole business is absurd. The voters are screaming over the worse partisan log-jams in American history, and here we have one side actually telling them they can’t show signs of two different party nominees in different races side-by-side.

    LL, you make me laugh. “Why would any conservative care if he has degrees or he doesn’t?” Firstly, you’re ranting at Eplurb for something one of your nominees said. Secondly, maybe the answer is, “Because education counts.” Or do you care whether your surgeon went to medical school or not?

  23. Epluribusunum Post author

    You should really ask Janet Clarke what she meant by that; I don’t know. I’ve never met Mike Chapman, and don’t have a dog in that fight. I’m just quoting your own fellow LCRCer.

    I thought you just told us (with lots of encouraging exclamation points!!) that you were supporting Mr. Chapman and campaigning for him, not campaigning against him. Don’t you need to know what his credentials are so you can talk to people? LvL:

    David, what a silly thing to ask. No one wants to defeat Chapman! He just endorsed Geary Higgins over Malcolm Baldwin! Why wouldn’t republicans support him?! He’s our candidate!

  24. Lovettsville Lady

    Mike Chapman is highly educated? Really? who knew? What’s his PhD in? Or is it a law degree? Is he a physician? Seriously, why would any conservative care if he has degrees or he doesn’t? You liberals make up the silliest things. Just because letters after a name impresses you, please don’t think that it matters to everyone else. And before you go off half cocked on me, yes I do have a bunch of letters after my name and I am married to a conservative who has even more. I know how much that means to those of you on the left. It’s part of your elitism that you embrace. But we on the right don’t care. The only thing that matters in the Sheriff’s race is what Mike will do as sheriff, not his degrees, or lack thereof. I have no clue if he has degrees or what they might be in, but I am sure that you do, because pretentious stuff like that matters to the left.

  25. Epluribusunum Post author

    Thank you for linking to that Mike George letter. The screaming about that hasn’t started yet, evidently.

    No, the other ‘illicit’ sign pairings don’t seem to have ruffled any feathers (why are there so many Higgins/Bergel pairs, when the LCRC endorsed the anti-Hatrick Arias? Hmmm..) No, the outrage is limited to the Sheriff’s race. I personally think the demonization of Chapman’s campaign manager is just the public excuse, and the opposition to Chapman has more to do with the low opinion the Republican candidates in the rural districts have of their presumed supporters. This admission from Janet Clarke (reported by LCRC activist Brian Reynolds) is what this is really about, IMO:

    “Because Mike is so highly educated, etc., they won’t relate to him,” and that those voters prefer the “country boy image Simpson displays.”

    They (Clarke and Higgins) think that being on the same ticket with a “highly educated” candidate will actually hurt their own campaigns. The insult to rural conservative-leaning voters is a bit breathtaking.

  26. liz

    As I said elsewhere, I’ve seen a Ramadan/Simpson pairing at a business on Rte 606. Where’s the out cry about that?

    My own yard has Keirce/Mitchell/Wexton/Ohneiser/Chapman. I carried Chapman’s lit (along with Kondratick and Wexton) this past weekend when walking for Keirce and Maloney, using SBE walk sheets.

    You’d think that the Republicans would be happy that their nominee for Sheriff is one that appeals to the entire spectrum of political activists in Loudoun. He’s much more likely to be elected. His experience and background are so impressive that even hard-core progressives like me are willing to look past the “R” after his name.

    It helps that the two independents in his race have both sought the Republican nomination, lost it, and decided to run anyway (Speakman this year, Simpson in ’07).

    It also helps that there’s no Democratic nominee this year (and that the Democratic nominee from ’07 is endorsing Chapman.

    In this kind of race, when all the candidates are Republicans, and all are conservatives, voters need to look at the actual substance of the candidates. Chapman stands up to that scrutiny.

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