An unfortunate omission

I was very impressed with the airy above-it-all tone Joe was able to summon about “the recent Halloween unpleasantness” until I saw his images, images that were apparently the point of the post.

The thing is, there’s nothing new there. We already know that there are people on the outer fringes of good judgment and civility, enough of whom might actually be dangerous that we need a Secret Service whether our president is a Democrat or a Republican. What I fear is that this post is a – I hate to say it – deliberate attempt to pretend that the images at issue in Loudoun did not come from an official Republican Party Committee and a Republican elected official, and hope that no one notices. I’m sorry, but someone did.

From the official Republican Party Committee

From the Republican elected official

7 thoughts on “An unfortunate omission

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  2. Epluribusunum Post author

    I’m not sure what you mean by that, Joe. I didn’t notice that you had commented there.

    No, your puff piece is exposed as such by that article because it’s so obvious that you permitted Mr. Delgaudio to lie about what he does with those fundraising letters, what they in fact are.

  3. A.E. Gnat

    Did you also specifically state the fact that the images you included in the blog did not come from official committees? Um, no, you didn’t.

    So don’t pretend that you’re trying to be honest.

    Sure, try to “put things in perspective” all you like. But do it honestly. You including those images in your post carries with them the implication that they’re on the same level as the image sent out by the LCRC and Delgaudio. And they’re not.

  4. Joe Budzinski

    I am under no illusion that the post will change your mind, but please note that it specifically states the fact that the item in question came from the official committee.

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