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It's free!I think we may finally have some insight into what Mr. Delgaudio means when he says the “free market.”

Supervisor Miller has reported this news:

I voted with a total of eight supervisors just now to deny the request from OpenBand to renew their video services franchise in Loudoun county. There was no comment from any member voting with me. The only vote to renew was that of Eugene Delgaudio, who, in the last week alone, took over seven-thousand dollars in campaign donations from OpenBand’s owner.

Folks in the Broadlands have been trying to find a solution to this problem since at least 2007, and this vote is a firm rejection of OpenBand’s arrogant abuses. If the provider was providing quality services that their customers need and want, at a fair price, in a free market, we wouldn’t be where we are. It’s surely cheaper for OpenBand to effectively buy the market situation they prefer, one in which there’s no competition. It’s not exactly free (Liz, what’s the total in contributions now?), but it’s Eugene Delguadio using the word, after all. In this instance I think he’s decided that it means “free reign for OpenBand to extract payment from people who can’t afford to fight back.” Because they can just, you know, spend an additional $75.00 a month for another service that works.

But this is just a step in the right direction, or maybe just not a step in the wrong direction. Now OpenBand will probably file a lawsuit against the county, citing Eugene Delgaudio’s vote in favor of the “free” market they wanted as evidence of some kind, and that will divert public money from the needs of residents, who are actually real people – but I guess are the sort of people accused by Eugene Delgaudio of always wanting free stuff. Which just kind of closes the circle, don’t you think?

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  1. Epluribusunum Post author

    Just when I thought this bizarre web of lies and corruption couldn’t get any more surreal, LA posted this link with the introduction “and in other Openband corruption news:” The article ends with this quote from DC council member David Catania, formerly general counsel, now vice president for corporate strategy of OpenBand:

    “The story isn’t over,” Catania said, noting that the company might resubmit its application or pursue legal challenges. He also noted that next Tuesday’s elections might well result in a new set of supervisors.

    I don’t know if they realize this over at Too Conservative, but David Catania is a very well known gay Republican. Is he one of the Homosexual Conservative Traitors who Eugene Delgaudio is “attacking” with his obscenely violent image and fundraising email? How much more ironic can this get?

    I note that, as obnoxious as Catania’s remark is, he did at least recuse himself from the vote in which he had a clear conflict of interest.

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