Sterling hate descends on Purcellville (Updated)

Warner Workman stands in front of a Telos sign at the Sterling Teen Job Fair 2013

Warner Workman stands in front of a Telos sign at the Sterling Teen Job Fair 2013

Reveling in the unapologetic hate of Supervisor Delgaudio’s inner circle, supporter Warner Workman is working Purcellville social media for the LaRock Campaign. LaRock is a close confidant of Delgaudio. Here’s Workman’s latest comment on the Gazette Statement on LaRock Campaign Claims article, emphasis mine.

I got plenty of time with the obummer and socialist slimdown…

The problem with healthcare is government involvement. There was never a healthcare problem, just a government involvement problem. It is much worse now…part-time employment, mass cancellation notices…all so little Mary can get laid and not pregnant….and if she does…we’ll pay for the abortion as well.

The solution is, as it always should be, is free market solutions…not goose-stepping socialist mandates.

Posted by Warner Workman | October 25, 2013, 7:57 pm

[Update] Conservative activist and former Reform Commissioner Barbara Munsey commented that Mr. Workman resides in Lovettsville. So why does he spend so much time and energy working for Supervisor Delgaudio?

Workman’s LinkedIn page confirms a Lovettsville, VA residence and a position of “Senior Program Manager–Senior Systems Engineer–Electrical Engineer at Central Intelligence Agency”, currently working for beltway bandit ETG. His prior job was in the CIA’s Directorate of Administration.

Initially, I thought his online comment demonstrated he’s mentally challenged. I was wrong. There’s no excuse. He’s seething with hate, and the politicians he supports appear to approve of his behavior.

10 thoughts on “Sterling hate descends on Purcellville (Updated)

  1. Elder Berry

    I have the same recollection as you, PD. No one from west of 15 was supposed to be allowed even to have any public opinion about the affairs of the east, much less appear there in person for any political purpose. That was the firm long-avowed stand of Barbara Munsey, Delgaudio and all their crowd. So it changes now when they have an operative they want to use, how typical is that. As you say PD the goose and the gander get different sauce in the Munsey universe.

  2. Pariahdog Post author


    I am not going to argue about facts with you. I didn’t find your comment “objectionable.” I found it untruthful, as I did the comment I just released. Subsequent untruthful arguments will be silently discarded.

  3. Barbara Munsey

    Where did I call YOU a hater? That would seem to be your go-to word of choice.

    Thank you for simply striking through the words you find objectionable in your edit–it walks a much better line IMO of moderation than full-blown censorship or the once-habitual rewriting of opinions with which you disagree. Good on you in light of “Don’t come here and misrepresent what we say. You may quote us, but you can’t put words in our mouths.”

    As for the protracted conversation, it’s right here on this blog, so perhaps linking you to you would be acceptable quoting?

  4. Pariahdog Post author


    I released an edited version of your comment. It’s funny, that double standard. If we repeat the words of the people you support, we’re called extreme. If we condemn those words, we’re called “haters.” But apparently, you can’t do the same, so you construct new words and attribute them to us. Don’t come here and misrepresent what we say. You may quote us, but you can’t put words in our mouths. You’ve been warned before.

  5. Barbara Munsey

    Okay I see the photo caption now places him at the Sterling job fair.

    I don’t know what that conclusively proves without further info.

    i also recall having protracted conversation at the time of the job fair that the entire fair was deserving of total opprobrium because a youth group with a table at the fair had connections to a national group whose affiliate in another state had a member that did something awful, which made all the participants in the fair complicit etc.

    Being active on LaRock is okay for him though (even if you disagree with him and dislike his language), because he does live there?

  6. Eric the half a troll

    Wot??!! Another Tea Party anti-governemnt loudmouth who in actuallity is just another stupid, lazy, free-loading government worker? Say it ain’t so!!

  7. Epluribusunum

    Will wonders never cease – a double standard for Delgaudio worker-bees. If indeed Mr. Workman lives and votes in Lovettsville, what in the world is he doing in Sterling volunteering for the Sterling supervisor? If I even so much as criticize the behavior of the Sterling supervisor I’m attacked by his apologists because I “don’t live in Sterling and can’t vote for him.”

    We can learn something about a candidate – especially one who won’t explain his positions in public – by the behavior of those who find them appealing. When I first read Workman’s comments, I pictured him as a callow ‘angry young man’ type thug. It’s frankly shocking that a grown, middle aged man would be talking this way about other people. He is seething with barely contained hate. Another LaRock commenter on the same thread was perhaps a little too truthful – he explained that voters other than LaRock’s loyal supporters “don’t matter,” and that is the reason LaRock doesn’t feel obligated to attend debates or answer surveys. That sums up the LaRock enterprise.

    It seems that we have a couple of commenters who think our written policy shouldn’t apply to them. Name-calling and abusive language will get your comments removed, folks. Give us reasoned arguments sans abuse and you can disagree all you like. It’s telling that these commenters see nothing wrong with Workman’s language and use the same kind of abusive language themselves (I’m not going to quote any more of it here. The thread, with multiple comments by Workman, is linked). There seems to be a problem with distinguishing between the use of evidence and reason to describe observable behavior, on the one hand, and attacking someone with name-calling and abusive language. These commenters would claim that it’s all the same thing: Mere “disagreement.” It’s not.

  8. Barbara Munsey

    pd, it seems Mr. Workman has owned the same property he lives on in Lovettsville for as far back as the tax records on the parcel go, or nearly 30 years. IOW, a lot longer than either you, I or Delgaudio have been here.

    I know there were a lot fewer districts back in the mid-80s before Loudoun boomed (with people like all of us), but even then, Lovettsville was not a part of Sterling.

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