Dick Black considering (or not) a run for Wolf seat

How exciting! Add Dick Black’s name to the list of “noted conservative swashbucklers” allegedly vying to replace Frank Wolf that currently includes Tareq Salahi, Barbara Comstock, John Stirrup and Ken Cuccinelli. But we don’t know why he announced his exploratory committee on Facebook yesterday, only to then have the announcement quickly removed from Republican sites. The post below has been disappeared. Oops?


For all the careful image management of retiring Frank Wolf as a “moderate” Republican (despite all evidence to the contrary BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI FEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT), it would seem that moderates are suddenly in short supply.

Here’s a brief stroll down memory lane to get us started, and lest anyone think that Dick Black has become even slightly less batshit crazy, behold his current state of mind.

black_exploratory_commSubject: Join the Black for Congress Exploratory Comittee!
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 17:31:53 -0500
From: Senator Richard H. Black
Reply-To: xxx
To: xxx

Join Senator Black’s Congressional Exploratory Committee!

I have formed an exploratory committee to run for the 10th Congressional District seat that is being vacated by Congressman Frank Wolf.

Frank has worked hard for the 10th District during his 34 years of service, and has announced today that he will not run for re-election in 2014. I invite you to join my exploratory committee which is simply a declaration that you intend to support me should I become a candidate for Congress in the 10th District.

The 10th Congressional District includes all of Loudoun County, a large portion of Prince William County, and a small portion of Fairfax County. I currently represent over 200,000 people in the 10th District*, including Loudoun and Prince William Counties

As a former member of the House of Delegates I represented parts of Sterling, Herndon, and Great Falls as well. Between my eight years in the House of Delegates and my current service in the State Senate, I have represented the majority of the 10th Congressional District.

If you would like to be a part of the Black for Congress Exploratory Committee, please contact us HERE. Also, please take a moment to vote in this poll and voice your support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District

*Black’s Senate District 13 includes Round Hill, Purcelleville, Hamilton, Lovettesville, part of Leesburg, Hillsboro, Broadlands, Lucketts, Bluemont, Waterford, Ashburn, South Riding, Chantilly, Stone Ridge, Paeonian Springs, Haymarket, Bristow, Gainesville, Catharpin, part of Manassas.

Follow Senator Black on Facebook to keep up with events in Richmond, and please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (703) 468-1342.

12 thoughts on “Dick Black considering (or not) a run for Wolf seat

  1. Elder Berry

    It’s amazing to see the Duck Dynasty thing being treated as if it were somehow a free speech issue. It’s not that at all. The redneck millionaire signed a contract with A&E, and A&E is undoubtedly exercising some terms of that contract. It’s the miracle of the free market at work.

  2. Epluribusunum Post author

    David, I was serious by the way. If you have something you think needs to be said about Duck Dynasty, write it up. I have no objection to publishing well reasoned opposing views, if that’s what it is. I’m no more a fan of ‘boring’ than you are.

  3. Epluribusunum Post author

    Pariahdog, these comments are the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. There are actual thoughtful things being said about this, believe it or not.

    Andrew Sullivan, while acknowledging the train wreck quality of Robertson’s remarks, doesn’t understand why such an expression of ignorance wasn’t treated as the point of the show: “What Phil Robertson has given A&E is a dose of redneck reality. Why on earth would they fire him for giving some more?”

    And the answer is that this “more” is so far outside the mainstream of A&E’s audience that it would hurt the network’s bottom line not to take the action they took, thereby demonstrating that they don’t want to be associated with such a viewpoint. That’s the reality, ironically, that makes the show entertaining in the first place. After all, this is a subculture that people find weird and fascinating enough to want to watch a show about it, apparently.

    I found the Robertson remarks themselves to be less offensive than just sounding self-absorbed and dumb as a rock (Sullivan more kindly calls it “the effect of cultural isolation”). In fact, Robertson sounds oddly similar to Dick Black in the remarks he made recently about polygamy seeming more “natural” to him, linked to in this post. What both men have in common is that they exist in a kind of self-centered bubble where they literally can’t fathom how someone could be sexually wired in a different way than they are. They just can’t believe it’s possible, and I don’t know how to interpret that as other than a failure of empathy and curiosity about others, total self-absorption.

  4. Pariahdog

    I missed this one. Shame on me.

    Mary Oele Still abnormal sexual preferences comprise a very small minority of America. They ought not be allowed to speak as if they own the majority. What is the majority going to do about this?

    Maybe the majority should kick some homo’s ass. That’ll team ’em a lesson. I’m so glad that our human rights champion is going to move on to working with the Colson Center and the MD after he retires.

  5. Pariahdog

    Read the comments on the Manhattan Declaration Facebook page, very entertaining, the height of winsomeness.

    Mark Stocker We are to make this conclusion: freedom of speech no longer exists and tolerance only applies to gays and minorities and Muslims and NEVER EVER to God or his people.

    Mark Klingenberg It is a very scary day in this land when speaking Biblical truth is equated with hate speech…..talk about the new intolerance. The “freedom FROM religion” forces have been hard at work for decades and have gained much ground. I would love to see the entire DD cast stand with Phil and say that if he is excluded, they are ALL excluded (so goes one, so go we all) and that they will not stand for religious persecution, or impinging on the precious right of freedom of speech.

    Gaye Whittington What? You don’t have a problem with the black boys going out & Knocking the fire out of innocent people, or maybe you believe the blacks have gotten bad press for all the drive by shootings where children were killed instead of their intended targets, or is it the radical blacks who get on youtube says white need to die – like their role model Oprah said. Phil stated his beliefs according to scripture. If you read a Bible you would know that, Pamela Fagan.

  6. Epluribusunum Post author

    Why don’t you write one? I haven’t been following whatever that’s about, although I did hear Michael Brown talking about it on the radio today. It seems that ‘conservative Christian’ radio is going nuts over it.

  7. David Dickinson

    Hey, this stuff is boring. Can’t we get a Duck Dynasty post around here? I tuned in because I thought for sure you’d have one.

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