“Provocative Views”

Public Advocate celebrates Randall Terry's Oklahoma delegate scam.

Public Advocate celebrates Randall Terry’s Oklahoma delegate scam.

On Monday, the citizen group Sterling Deserves Better filed its petition with the Loudoun Circuit Court to have censured Supervisor and hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio removed from office. Real Loudoun has put together a good explanation of the legal proceedings and the case against him.

Delgaudio’s lawyer Charlie King responded to the petition yesterday, not by addressing any of the charges against his client, but with this:

“As President of Public Advocate, Supervisor Delgaudio takes clearly provocative views on national social and family issues.”

Indeed he does. His views are so provocative, in fact, that they even provoked him to remove his own promotion of a stunt by extremist Randall Terry from his Public Advocate website.

The May 12, 2012 post pictured here vanished around the same time that the “credentials” of Delgaudio’s library board nominee were being made public. Why do you suppose Delgaudio would remove it? Could it be that he didn’t want it known that he’s been collaborating with Randall Terry at least since 2009, when Terry’s protegé and employee Andrew Beacham “just happened” upon his tiny “Stay away from our children” publicity stunt?

The removed page cheers Terry’s participation in a kind of scam we think we’ll be reporting about more in the future: Radical right and theocratic activists who move into unaware communities to run for office as “Democrats.” This one isn’t an isolated incident.

The text reads:

West Virginia Repudiation of President Obama Was 2nd State Actually. Right to Life Activist Randall Terry Wins Oklahoma Delegates Against President.

In light of the Democratic Party vote repudiating a sitting president in West Virginia, it was also lightly reported that a very underfunded opposition from Randall Terry earned Terry 18 per cent of the vote in Oklahoma which netted him delegates to the Democratic Convention. President Obama received only 57 per cent of the vote in Oklahoma.

Had it been Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1968, the president would have announced his decision not to run again for President.

That is a different time. Today “57 per cent” of the vote against several minor candidates who have never served in federal office –in a Democratic party contest– in Oklahoma is not considered a major issue for any newscaster.

How did Andrew Beacham get onto the radar screen? He ran for Congress on Randall Terry’s coattails, with “very little funding.”