The fates

trump_donaldSeneca wrote that the fates either lead you to your destiny or drag you to it.  Republican leaders have been dragged to their destiny, when they must belatedly denounce their presidential nominee, Mr. Donald Trump, for what we’ve all known from the outset about his lack of character.

Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has proven himself to be a billion dollar failed casino owner, mob associate, serial liar, trash talker, a slanderer, misogynist, and bully to men and women alike.

Mr. Trump has violated all the customary norms of polite and respectful personal conduct.

Mr. Trump relies on a syntax that, when tweeting or speaking, obscures and defies clarity and common language usage bordering on a word salad.

Almost from the time that Mr. Trump announced his candidacy at his gaudy gold plated 5th Avenue tower, seemingly inspired by Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead,” America has been on notice that Mr. Trump is intolerant of immigrants, blacks, Muslims, Jews, the disabled, those who are overweight, generals, veterans, war heroes, the parents of a Muslim soldier who gave his life in the mid-east, anyone who crosses him, and his most blatant disrespect is reserved for women.

Mr. Trump was bad news the day he announced, most thought his candidacy was some sort of joke, since Trump has never served the public in any appointed or elected capacity, and, when he won the Republican nomination, too few Republican leaders denounced him.

Mr. Trump has used every opportunity to run down our nation, rather than to lift our spirits, to exalt callous and brutal strong men and dictators including President Putin and Saddam Hussein, to attack our long-time NATO allies, to take Assad’s side in Syria, to support Russia in the bargain, to give up on the women and children suffering and dying in Aleppo, to encourage violence rather than peaceful protest, to incite war abroad rather than to make treaties, and to promote nuclear proliferation rather than nuclear disarmament.

The fates have dragged us all to where we must soundly reject Mr. Trump, to assert our own dignity as individuals, to retain our personal freedom, to assure the respect among us citizens, to bind us together in a coalition of shared pain and dreams, united, so we may work together.

Mr. Trump has disregarded the job requirement that he must uphold the constitution and the laws of the land, given what he has had to say about immigration, civil rights, inciting to violence, his scandalous remarks about and disgraceful treatment of women, what he’s said about our NATO allies, favoring dictators, his prescription favoring the wider use of nuclear weapons.

The nation is moving through treacherous political waters, a heavily weighted schooner, turning slowly, tacking the favorable winds of style, character, content and action, while avoiding a shearing ill wind, Mr. Trump’s efforts to blow us off course, to undermine our resolve, and to stir the crew’s frustration by advancing bias and fear.

Weathering this ill wind is our most serious challenge.  We have suffered dangerous squalls, and underserving demagogues, that caused the nation to take on water in the past before we could right the ship of state, so we must now be vigilant to turn against this ill wind.  Our very survival as a nation demands it.