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Legislative FAIL

There are many dumb laws on the books. So many, in fact, that there are several popular websites whose sole purpose is to feature the most idiotic laws in each state.  One state is on its way to passing a law so ridiculous that the youtube video mocking it has already received over 800,000 views.

The Tennessee Senate, continuing a long and glorious tradition of creating laughable-if-it-weren’t-so-hateful legislation, has passed what has been coined the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”  For those who aren’t familiar, SB 49 makes it a misdemeanor for a teacher to acknowledge that gay people exist in prepared materials or instruction. On one hand, the absurdity of the bill cries out for the kind of comic relief Mr. Takei so brilliantly delivers in the video above.  On the other, this cynical pander to extremists is yet another hateful attempt to vilify the LGBT community.

It almost goes without saying that where you find this particular variety of clownish antagonism, you’ll likely find my Republican opponent for Sterling District Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio.  Unable to suppress his bizarre fixation with persecuting the gay community, Delgaudio released a statement over the weekend seeking credit for passage of this very stupid law (as taken from his national hate site, which I won’t link to):

Public Advocate’s pivotal last minute role in the historic vote to defend the family held in Tennessee last week began with an email from PA President Eugene Delgaudio on Thursday May 12 at 5:26 p.m. Eastern Standard Time from his offices in Falls Church, Va. to his top volunteers and staff.

Delgaudio said:

(quote) Public Advocate has a Nashville based- volunteer in Nashville right now pushing passage of the bill (Director Mark Clayton) in Tennessee right now and on site in the capitol until this battle is over…..our plan is to explain to every Senator our memberships’ support for passing this bill and to stand up to the lies of the homosexual lobby and know that we are with them.

the opposition has spread lies with their own obscene video and the news media is assisting the homosexual lobby by calling it the “don’t say gay” bill when it, the bill, simply states “just say traditional values– heterosexual practices”.(unquote)

Considering his recent essays on TSA pat downs and Tampa’s Gasparilla Pirate Festival, it’s certainly not surprising to see Delgaudio draw attention to his frenzied opposition to gay rights.  What is particularly disturbing about his support of this bill is that it is indicative, in my opinion, of the type of laws he’d like Loudoun County to pass.  Should he return to a board that is more aligned with his ideology, the extreme agenda he will try to implement will be no laughing matter.

Al Nevarez, Candidate for Loudoun County Supervisor, Sterling District –