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Loudoun Progress banner photos

Descriptions and photo credits for our site banner.


Equality Loudoun back online

Following an unreasonably long hiatus, the Equality Loudoun blog is back online, streamlined and better. Works better for me, anyway. If the first act of the new school board is any indication, there will be things to report. Contact us with tips and whatnot at info@equalityloudoun.org.

Spam posts redux

Just deleted another (and yet another!) spam post (and banned the posters).

I do NOT want to have to change our posting permissions, but it may come to that. Please be prepared for a change to come.

New commenting rule (sigh)

Sorry about the intrusion, folks.

The following has been added to our comment policy, viewable at the link above:

If you use a pseudonym, pick one and use it. No pretending to be multiple people. This doesn’t impress us. Neither does posing as someone you are not. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned from this site.

As you were.