House votes to de-fund NPR

So far, they’ve tackled: removing funding from Metro; medicaid payments for abortions; taking away funding for basic women’s health care (pap smears and breast exams); and taking away enforcement power from the EPA.

Now they’ve taken funding away from NPR.

But they haven’t even begun on a single jobs bill.

Weren’t jobs their biggest priority back in November?

#DearJohn, #WhereAreTheJobs?

7 thoughts on “House votes to de-fund NPR

  1. Graeme

    Saw this on the twitters the other day:

    “There’s a pattern in GOP targets: teachers, scientists, NPR, PBS. An educated electorate is the GOP’s worst enemy.”

  2. Epluribusunum

    Yet another reason this vote is both stupid and suspect. I didn’t know what burning issue Lloyd’s comment was in reference to, and that’s probably because it’s less NPR and more “the news according to Perez Hilton.” Sorry, sports fans.

  3. Paradox13

    Time President Obama spent filling out his bracket – probably 5 minutes.

    Time the Republican Congress has spent creating jobs for the American people – zero minutes.

  4. Stevens Miller

    Where are the jobs? Good question. Unemployment in Bob (“my top three priorities will be jobs, jobs, jobs”) McDonnell’s state is up about 6% since last November. Somewhat smaller increase nation-wide. (Virginia’s also about where we were when Bob got elected in ’09.)

    People who want the government to help create more jobs realize that cutting NPR won’t do it. That’s not who the NPR cuts are for, nor what those cuts are about.

    I sometimes think we should cut all these pissant cash-flows that don’t mean squat to the actual economy. With nothing left to kill, the Republicans’ vacuous economic program would be revealed for what it really is: a commitment to making sure that everyone except the wealthy is as miserable as you are.

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