Training for the season

It’s that time of the year again. The time of year when flowers bloom, trees leaf out, and canvassers go knocking.

So, I’ve broken out my sneakers and I walk over a mile every day to get ready for the door knocking that is to come.

And, of course, Relay for Life. Last year I walked over 20 miles, this year I’m aiming for 26.1.

This year, you’ll see me walking for Jennifer Wexton, Mike Kondratick, and anyone running against Eugene Delgaudio, amoung others.

Who are you walking for?

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12 thoughts on “Training for the season

  1. Midshipman

    Wouldn’t it behoove the organization responsible for the nomination to put in its due diligence after a Democrat publicly announced a candidacy? Being ignorant to the facts, ie not paying enough attention to know a Dem is running is not an excuse.

    And if the LCDC helped one primary opponent in anyway I hope they offer the same for the other primary opponent.

  2. Paradox13

    Telling a newspaper you intend to run for a nomination is not the same as actually running for a nomination. Actually running for a nomination involves telling the organization responsible for that nomination of your intentions.

    I could tell you I’m planning on making the world’s greatest souffle, but if I don’t actually get in the kitchen, that statement is pretty useless…

  3. Liz Miller Post author

    I heard a rumor that a guy from Brambleton is going to run for the Dem nomination in the 10th, but since he didn’t show up to last night’s meeting, I’m not sure how seriously to take the rumor.
    However, Midshipman here seems to know more about it than I do.

  4. Paradox13

    I have not been notified of any other candidate running. If another candidate let’s me (or the LCDC for that matter) know, and files the appropriate paperwork. I’ll act accordingly as a District Chair.

    And, for what it’s worth, I reserve the right to walk and campaign for a candidate as an individual Democrat, if not as a District Chair.

  5. Liz Miller Post author

    No, his comment just states that he walked for Dave Butler among others. It doesn’t imply anything.

    If there is actually anyone running against Dave for the Dem nomination in the 10th, I’m sure that Evan will be fair-handed.

  6. Midshipman

    Paradox, the Times Mirror reported there is more than one Democrat in the race for the seat Butler is after. Should you be supporting a candidate now since you’re Leesburg District chair?

  7. Paradox13

    I’ve already been out for Dave Butler, Jennifer Wexton, and Kelly Burk. I look forward to heading out to knock some more, soon.

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