What the heck does he do all day, anyway?

Leesburg Today, Loudoun Times Mirror and Loudoun Insider are reporting that the Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office is losing Jim Fisher, resident of Fauquier – who is being appointed the the Fauquier County Commonwealth’s Attorney, just in time for the election this fall.

Apparently this has the prosecutor’s office in a tizzy, since Fisher is the lead prosecutor on the the Bennett case. You will probably recall that they are the couple who were brutally attacked while out for a morning walk in Lansdowne. There are two codefendants, Jaime Ayala and Darwin Bowman, and a third named person, Anthony Roberts, who has yet to be charged (and what will happen with that now, I wonder?), and has been the lead on the most publicized cases in the county for the past several years.

Unconfirmed is the rumor that Fisher is not just the lead prosecutor, but the hand on the tiller of day-to-day operations of the office.

So, if he doesn’t run the office and he doesn’t try cases, what DOES Plowman do all day?

This coming November, let’s hire a REAL prosecutor. Vote Jennifer Wexton for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

7 thoughts on “What the heck does he do all day, anyway?

  1. DC Beltway Bandit

    I heard the same thing and I was a bit concerned that Mr. Oei’s suit would be politically motivated. However given what happened to Mr. Oei, I believe that Plowman MUST pay the consequences of being an overzealous prosecutor.

    In the postmortem report of this case; Mr. Oei went from an Assist. Principal of one of the largest HS in Loudoun, to now working 2 part-time jobs as a life guard. His academic tenure and reputation have been obliterated. A true miscarriage of justice and now because of Plowman the taxpayers of Loudoun will pay a small price to Mr. Oei – who lost nearly everything.

    I can only hope that voters remember Plowman’s actions and hold him accountable in November.

  2. DC Beltway Bandit

    Does that figure only account for Oei’s legal expenses, which the county reimbursed or is that just the CA’s office expenditure?

    Any idea on if/when Oei will sue the county for back pay, damages etc or if there will be an out of court settlement. This man’s life & livelihood were left in shambles by Plowman’s overzealous case.

  3. Michelle Bachmann for President

    We need a background post somewhere on all of Jim Plowman’s political shenanigans and grandstanding. For instance, how much $$$ did Loudoun lose during and after Plowman’s failed prosecution of Oei?

    If this isn’t the marquee race in Loudoun this year, I don’t know what is. Plowman needs to answer for all of this at some point.

  4. Loudoun Insider

    Here’s a few things – helping out Dale Polen Myers by issuing conflict opinions based only on DPM’s testimony, investigating political opponents of his endorsed candidates like Mark Tate, and screwing up cases that should have been dropped like Ting-Yi Oei’s.

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