Time To Take a Break

(originally posted on my blog, “In Through the Out Door“)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, as I have been posting most recently on Loudoun Progress. But this will be my last blog posting, of any sort, for a while.

I moved out of Loudoun County earlier this month, to Reston. While I leave behind a lot of friends I made in the past 6 years that I called Lansdowne my home, I also leave behind weariness of the divisive nature politics brings with it.

When I left Loudoun, I was serving dual roles as both the Treasurer of the Loudooun County Democratic Committee and Ashburn District Chair. I was also the Chairman of the Lansdowne Homeowners Association Communications Committee. All of those roles have been vacated, and my sole focus as I begin my Reston chapter is to spend time with my wife and 5 year-old son. No more politics for me, for the time being. I won’t be joining any political committees or campaigns. I won’t be sporting bumper stickers or buttons. I won’t be reading or contributing to the blogs. I want a clean break.

Make no mistake, I will still support candidates (most likely Democrats, but I can’t rule out independents), both with my vote and my checkbook, who I believe are the best people for the job. But I won’t have to pledge support anymore for candidates who don’t have a clue as to why they’re running.  I was happily independent before my time in the LCDC, but always leaning left. I really want to get back to that again.

So, in closing, I wish the best for Liz, Evan, and David – keep LP going stong. We made it one year when critics said it wouldn’t last. It’s not “goodbye”, but “see ya later”, to Tammi, Erica, Lowell, and Jeff. You were the inspiration for me getting started in blogging. It’s “Good Luck” to Jennifer, Al, Mike, Valdis, and Dave – you all will make great public servants when you win.

And now it’s time for me to run.

Where’s the “Out Door”?


11 thoughts on “Time To Take a Break

  1. Mama Bear

    When it comes to human rights – there is no compromise! But, I am talking about a myriad of other stuff that people fight over just to fight. Democrats have taken to calling all Republicans evil, and Republicans have done the same. THAT’s what I am talking about. It isn’t all republicans who share the anti-human rights views — it is a vocal minority that has stolen the Republican party. I have many reasonable, rational Republicans as friends – and we can agree on MOST, if not all things….we differ in our approach, but will change our approach to get to an agreed upon goal. THAT’S what I mean by finding middle ground!

  2. Epluribusunum

    One problem is that it’s hard to identify the ‘center’ when someone keeps moving it. Case in point here.

    But there are things that don’t change, like the basic human right of agency over one’s own body. What impresses me is someone who gets the fundamentals – no second-class citizenship for anyone, period – regardless of party. The idea of finding middle ground and compromise doesn’t apply to these basic human rights issues. It only provides cover for the false notion of “balance” between two extremes, as if both positions are equally true and valid. It actually has the effect of redefining a basic affirmation of human rights as an “extreme.” It’s just not the case, for example, that some people think it’s fine to call a human being “it” and some think it’s not, and that a compromise position lies somewhere in between. There’s no neutral position on that, and only one extreme position.

  3. Epluribusunum

    Dave, thank you for your tremendous contributions, on this blog and elsewhere. I completely understand the need to take a break. It gets ugly, and sometimes deliberately so. But I have faith that the divisiveness and behavior designed to drive thoughtful voices from the public square that are making you want to turn away for awhile will be the very thing that makes someone else feel they can no longer be silent.

    You and your family deserve this change of focus. I hope things are good for you all in Reston. No drama!

  4. Pariahdog

    Mama Bear,

    I may not have expressed myself well. The Democrats are enabling extremism. They have bent over backwards to accommodate Republican extremism. Take a look at every single Loudoun Republican web site and I’ll bet you that they all say that “human life begins at conception”. Please ask any Republican what that means.

    That’s not to say that there is no ability to work together on issues. Republicans joined Democrats in NY to pass marriage equality legislation. That action was the exception to the rule.

  5. Mama Bear

    AMEN! It’s time for Democrats to start acting “democratic” by remembering WHY they are Democrats — because they believe in Democratic values!!!!! NOT because they are responding to the “all-evil Republicans”. Republicans and Democrats love their kids, can make good or bad friends and neighbors, and both sides know how to play dirty. Both sides seem to have gone to the furthest corner of sanity on their respective sides — there is no rational middle ground left. Here’s to finding our center!

  6. Mama Bear

    I remember twisting your arm at re-org to be (then Broad Run) district chair – and you stepped up! Since then, you have been a great friend and sounding board. You and your lovely family sacrificiced sanity through some very tough political shenanigans. Through it all, you maintained your own sense of right and wrong — a rare thing these days!

    Hugs to you and your family. We miss you terribly and wish you well! Please come visit!

  7. Pariahdog

    Thanks Dave,

    I enjoyed your posts.

    I can’t blame you for taking a break. I believe that your malaise is a result of the vicious all-purpose voter suppression campaign being waged by the religious/economic right. It’s been a very effective campaign and the Democrats have reacted as collaborators rather than opponents. It’s time for independents to step forward. It’s also time to change campaign finance and laws and laws that make it difficult for third parties to participate in the process.

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