Farmers market conversation with a Dick Black supporter

I was a bit surprised to see a Republican campaign booth at the Leesburg farmers market this past Saturday.  I’ve always found the farmers market a bit too “dirty hippie”, his phrase,  for the likes of Dick Black.  I love the wool booth where a woman spins bare-footed as she dons a bluetooth headset.  There’s too much reality, too many contradictions, too much uncertainty for the Black Campaign, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I was really happy because I wanted a handful of Dick Black bumper stickers.  A very nice woman in a snappy yellow coat and hat gave me the stickers.  She said that “Dick Black is a good man” as she handed me the stickers. She also told me that Patricia Phillips was “her Senator.”

I asked her what was so good about Dick Black?  She replied:

“He’s for no taxes, er, no new taxes”

What else?

He’s going to get transportation moving, on Route 7 and …

How’s he going to do that?

He’s going to get more money from Richmond

From Richmond?  Where do they get the money?

[sigh, pause, mousey voice] From taxes

Awww.  She was soooo cute.  An older woman with too much make-up, but she was such a doll, a very nice woman.  You should have heard her voice, soooo disappointed, because, she knows it’s a zero-sum game.  “Highway money” is not a “fluffy noun“,  no.  Highways are are serious corporate/state business.  And it’s important to have a representative to ensure the Government dolls out those tax dollars using the correct formulation: “from each according to his tax bill, to each according to the power of his State Senator to marshall corporate/church power”.  And when that representative derives his political power from mob fear, and pushes a programme containing all of the fourteen characteristics, there’s a word for that.