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Catoctin getting slappy

A couple of weeks ago, Without Supervision alerted us to two remarkably bad letters to the editor attacking Malcolm Baldwin, evidently cobbled together from the results of a FOIA request for constituent emails.

As it turns out, the readers to whom Mr. LaRock and Ms. Mann addressed their concerns are unimpressed by their efforts. Here is a short response:

Dear Editor: I couldn’t believe the letter from David LaRock attacking Malcolm Baldwin, a respected community leader, just because he voiced support for an ordinary non-discrimination rule.

Here’s what I want to know: Why is LaRock so hostile toward people who may be different from himself? Moreover, why is he thinking about other people’s sexual orientation and bodies in public restrooms? I (for one) wish he would stop.

If this is the kind of thing Higgins supporters are interested in, I’ll be voting for Malcolm Baldwin.

Indeed. I don’t think this is the sort of thing Catoctin residents want their supervisor doing, or thinking about, or encouraging others to think about. Yuck.

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Guys, signs don’t vote.

I was just going to make a quick update to the previous post, but then I witnessed what has the wacky wing of the Higgins campaign (note my assumption that there is an as-yet undiscovered wing) so scared of Malcolm Baldwin, and why the resulting implosion shows no sign of ending.

The previous post began by calling attention to this comment outing embarrassing Higgins campaigner David LaRock, who was upset at the number of Malcolm Baldwin yard signs next to Mike Chapman signs.

[David] LaRock suggest [sic] Mike go around and take down the signs posted next to Baldwin signs..

Now there’s this admission from the other one, Sally Mann:

Most of the signs are gone now.

Ok, I just swung through Hamilton on my way home, and if “most of the signs are gone now,” I have to ask how many were there before. Just on the main drag I counted five or six yards with both Baldwin and Chapman signs. All but one had no other signs that would help identify the owner as either a Republican or Democratic crossover voter (one also had a Shawn Mitchell sign). One of them was the home of a friend who is solidly Independent, so that’s not much help.

Keep in mind that these geniuses are demanding that the Chapman signs be “taken down.” The signs of their own guy. The Republican. Continue reading

McDean Tactics Make Voters Angry

Supporters of ours were called last night by a survey firm that said they were paid by McDean to inquire about our campaign.  This afternoon, I was informed an McDean paid survey team is doing the same thing with the Delegate races, probably to use results to influence voter turnout.   It is important the media question McDean on this and whether Matt LeTourneau or the Republican Party put them up to this.  Even if McDean does not intend to break any rules, it is entirely improper for McDean to even have the appearance of engaging in voter suppression or election influence — given the BroadBand situation.
We all know what is at stake!  McDean stands to lose millions and gain a damaged reputation if the new Board of Supervisors acts against them.   LeTourneau and other Republican Candidates need to return McDean contributions until the investigation is complete and in public cut all ties ASAP.  It is one thing to fight; but let’s fight clean.
My supporters are angry that they are getting calls from what they describe as a corrupt survey system, certainly tainted by association with McDean and the Republican Party.   We hate these tactics.
We not running our campaign that way — never have, never will — and we will not run scared of politicians who work like this; instead we will fight back.
No matter the results, the survey methods and its backers are totally suspect until the Broadband matter is cleared up.
We also want to know if this is a coordinated action with LeTourneau, and if so it must be reported as a campaign contribution.
Roeder for Supervisor Campaign

The Catoctin crazy, it burns

Unbelievable. The folks running the Higgins campaign are in a snit because the Republican candidate for Sheriff has some bipartisan support. It’s hurting their candidate, they say, to have Catoctin voters with both Malcolm Baldwin and Mike Chapman signs in their yards. Think about this. They would rather torpedo their own duly nominated Sheriff’s candidate, actively working against him because he has apparently managed to gain the support of people other than partisan Republicans. They actually seem to think that’s a terrible thing. I’m guessing that the real problem for them, though, is that Malcolm Baldwin has gained the support of independent-minded, moderate voters who are not Democrats. That’s the way this voting thing works.

For what it’s worth, a commenter posted a description of a conversation about this that he witnessed (and for the record, I don’t believe the person is suggesting taking signs from anyone’s yard; he’s presumably talking about signs on public property here. Right?):

[David ] LaRock suggest [sic] Mike go around and take down the signs posted next to Baldwin signs..

It leads to an interesting explanation for why everyone in the rural west can’t play nicely together. The same commenter reports hearing this directly from Blue Ridge Republican candidate Janet Clarke about the voters in the west who would be likely to support her: “Because Mike is so highly educated, etc., they won’t relate to him,” and that those voters prefer the “country boy image Simpson displays.”

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Stay away from this man in the potty

[<i>Promoted by Liz</i>]

If you happen to see David LaRock, Director/President/Treasurer of The 1789 Project, in the restroom, stay away.

David LaRock - Director/President/Treasurer

LaRock wrote a letter to the editor of the Leesburg today where he ponders.

But once you erase commonly-accepted boundaries that define normal behavior, we may face bizarre circumstances such as our children encountering cross-dressing county employees in public restrooms.

Really, David? Is that what you think about all day? When I’m in the restroom, I just want to do my business and get out. The last thing I want is to be in there with some pervert who’s obsessed with thinking about my body parts.

So folks, if you see David LaRock in the potty, hold it a little longer. Wait for him to get out. You really don’t want to be in there with him.

By the way, the 1789 project yanked the photos of their staff, making it very difficult to find the above photo.  I guess they don’t want us to know what they look like so that we can protect ourselves.


[Promoted by Epluribusunum. I was remiss in not finding and promoting this when it was first published. When asked to recommend someone who could speak with authority about poverty in Loudoun, I immediately thought of Ann. She will be leading a discussion about poverty in the US and in Loudoun tomorrow at St. James UCC in Lovettsville.]

Much has been made in the news recently about (supposedly) 50% of Americans who “don’t pay income taxes,” and whether or not they contribute to our national welfare. An analysis that takes into account all taxes paid—shows that everyone has “tax skin in the game.” About two-thirds pay payroll taxes, and most pay state and local sales taxes as well as excise taxes on gas.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, of those that file 1040s showing a zero tax due on April 15:

13 percent are a mix of mostly higher-income individuals with enough itemized deductions for items like mortgage interest, health payments, or charitable contributions, education tax credits, or tax exempt interest to zero out their income taxes.

22 percent are senior citizens who can exclude some or all of their Social Security income (which was taxed previously at the outset) and may have tax-exempt interest from mutual funds and municipal bonds. For those who itemize, charitable contributions and medical expense deductions also subtract from their tax liability.

15 percent are working families, many of them extremely low-income, who qualify for one or all of the Earned Income tax credit, the Child tax credit, the Child and Dependent Care tax credit.

For half of those that don’t pay federal income taxes, standard deductions and personal exemptions are enough to counteract their taxable earnings. A couple with two children earning less than $26,400, for example, will pay no federal income tax in 2011 because their $11,600 standard deduction and four exemptions of $3,700 cuts their taxable income to nil.

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The Perils of Having a Common Name

This Michael Chapman

Chapman for Sheriff

is not this Michael Chapman

Chapman for Tea Party

The former one (the one who still has his hair), is a respected law enforcement officer, with decades of experience.

The latter one is a Tea Partier par excellence, and apparently the fact that they have the same name has confused some people.

I hope this clears up that confusion.

Lying About Crime Statistics

At the LCDC meeting last night. Ron Speakman came to seek our endorsement for Sheriff. The LCDC declined to endorse anyone for that office this year, as there is no Democrat running.

One assertion that Mr. Speakman made, and is no doubt a core part of his campaign pitch, is that violent crime has increased 46% from 2006 to 2009 as reported by the FBI. This is patently and categorically false. In truth, all crime, including violent crime, has been falling for a decade or more.

Perhaps Mr. Speakman was specifically referring to Virginia, or Northern Virginia. In that case, his statement remains categorically false.

The bottom line is that Mr. Speakman’s campaign for Sheriff is based on stirring up fear and using bald-faced lies to do it. It’s worthwhile for us, as Democrats, to correct such assertions with facts and fear with reason whenever the opportunity presents itself. Reality, after all, has a liberal bias.